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Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure Mode comes to PS4 in free update

This new mode for Amnesia: Rebirth that allows you to remove threats and lighten up the game has now arrived on PS4 for free as part of an update.


At the end of March 2021, Frictional Games came out with a pleasant surprise for fans that wanted to explore Amnesia: Rebirth, but wanted to keep their pants unsoiled in the process. Adventure Mode came to PC, offering a more risk free way to enjoy the game by lighting up its environments a bit and reducing monstrous threats and other stressful pitfalls. You could essentially expore the game at your leisure. It was only on PC at the time, but now PlayStation 4 users can take part in this mode with a free update that has brought Adventure Mode to the console port of Amnesia: Rebirth.

Frictional Games announced the release of the PS4 version of Amnesia: Rebirth’s Adventure Mode in a press release on April 29, 2021. As of April 29, a free update should be available to PS4 owners of Amnesia: Rebirth that will add the new Adventure Mode. What is Adventure Mode? It’s a mode in which the story and puzzles play out pretty much the same. The monsters are still there as well, but they won’t attack you. Furthermore, environments feature a more lightened look to allow you to see and explore to your heart’s content.

Adventure Mode in Amnesia: Rebirth is much like Safe Mode from previous Frictional Games title SOMA. It’s mostly a way to allow the fear averse to enjoy the game, but also allows those who want to really dig into every nook and cranny of the stellar environmental design of Amnesia: Rebirth to do so to their heart’s content. For as much as I think the total experience of Amnesia: Rebirth makes it one of the best modern horror games around (as argued in our Shacknews review), I also think the Adventure Mode is a very cool opportunity to lift the curtain on Frictional’s design of the game and really take the whole thing in during what would otherwise be frantic and nerve-wracking moments.

With this update, Amnesia: Rebirth’s Adventure mode is now available on PC and PS4 versions of the game. If you want to play the game without fear of heart pounding terrors coming to hunt you down, this is probably the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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