PUBG update 11.2 patch notes throw a Pajama Party today

PUBG's 11.2 update features one of the game's oddest Survivor Passes to date, so pack your toothbrush.


In the firearm-filled world of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, what's the last thing one would expect to see? I would imagine "pajama party" being pretty high on the list. But in the serious world of battle royale, why not add a little bit of levity with a pajama party? That's what PUBG is doing with today's 11.2 update, which features a teenage girl's dream come true with the new Survivor Pass: Pajama Party.

The PUBG Survivor Pass: Pajama Party will feature 50 levels containing more then 30 rewards. The PUBG team will be doing things a little differently starting with this season pass. Passes will no longer be linked to a specific team or seasonal theme. That means PUBG will potentially see more passes over the course of a year and they may last longer than the usual duration. Really, it's up to the PUBG team to make the rules.

If you're not in the battle royale game for sleepovers and rounds of "Spin the Bottle," you might be more interested in a major overhaul of the Erangel map. The chokepoints along the Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island have been changed up, leading to structural changes along the bridges. That opens the door to new strategies and new movements paths, thanks to new catwalks located under the bridges.

PUBG's Survivor Pass: Pajama Party can be purchased either with the Pajama Party Weapon Pack (for 990 G-Coin) or the Pajama Party Weapon and Level Pack (3,270 G-Coin). The latter will include a Level 30 coupon. The Survivor Pass, Erangel map changes, and a variety of balance tweaks and bug fixes all go live with today's 11.2 update. You can check out the full list of patch notes on the PUBG website. Console users, you'll get your 11.2 update at a later time.

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