Chivalry 2 cross-play beta starts today, get your key during a special ShackStream

Tune into a special dev ShackStream today for your chance at a key to the Chivalry 2 cross-play closed beta on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms!


Chivalry 2 is getting ready for a true test of fortitude this weekend. While the game has done plenty of betas and technical tests in the past, this weekend marks the arrival of another closed beta which will test the rigors of cross-play across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. You can still request a key from Tripwire if you want to try to get in on the action. Or you could keep an eye on Shacknews’ social media and Twitch channel today as we do a special Chivalry 2 livestream with the devs and give away codes on all available platforms.

As the Chivalry 2 cross-play closed beta kicks off today, April 23, 2021 at 7:30 a.m. PT / 10:30 a.m. ET, we’ll be going live in a special ShackStream on the Shacknews Twitch channel at 11 a.m. PT / 1 a.m. ET with guests from Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios to play around, chat, and take questions from viewers. We’ll also be giving away keys for the closed beta for PC (via Epic Games Store), PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Series X on stream!

That’s not all. We hope you have an account with Shacknews or follow our Twitter account, because all day long, we’ll also be giving out closed beta codes (also on all available platforms) via the Shacknews Chatty and on the Shacknews Twitter! There will be tons of opportunities to get in on the action.

Chivalry 2 has continued to look like an incredible continuation of the brutal medieval PVP melee we know and love. In our preview of Chivalry 2, we enjoyed its deep combat and chaotic brutality, even getting in one good Monty Python Holy Grail reference from the whole affair.

As the Chivalry 2 cross-play closed beta kicks off today, it will truly be a test of the game’s mettle and might (or at least its servers). Keep your eyes on the Shacknews website, Twitch, and social media throughout the day to try to get in on the fun!

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