Zavala's voice actor has another message, this one specifically for Titans

Lance Reddick, the man behind Destiny 2's Zavala, is here to encourage Titans to claim victory once more in Guardian Games 2021.


Zavala is most known for encouraging all Guardians, regardless of their class, to perform their best. But Zavala’s voice actor, Lance Reddick, has come out with a special message specifically for Zavala’s fellow Titans.

The message, shared on Twitter on April 21, 2021, has Lance reading out a script that had been written by Twitter user John Weidner. In this script, Zavala gives a rousing speech to the Titan players, telling them to “remain vigilant” and to “defend our title like we defended the walls during the battle of Twilight Gap.” There’s also a quote from Horatius thrown in for good measure. Check it out below.

Lance has been keeping the Destiny 2 community enthralled as he reads out scripts the playerbase has written. Previously, Lance read out a rather threatening script as Zavala that was directed at Empress Caiatl, before Guardians eventually took down her champion. In it, Zavala basically laughs in Caiatl’s face, telling her that us Guardians are entirely unconcerned with her little army, and that all it would take for us to annihilate her is if Zavala told us she had a shiny gun.

While Zavala might offer this encouraging message to Titans, Warlock players can rest assured knowing that Lance Reddick actually mains a Warlock. This means we’ve got one more Warlock in our pocket to help us win Guardian Games 2021. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for an exhaustive collection of helpful content.

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