Watch Zavala's voice actor tell Empress Caiatl how badass our Guardians are in Destiny 2

Whether they've wanted it or not, the Cabal have stepped into a war with the Guardians.


Lance Reddick, Zavala’s voice actor in Destiny 2, has told Empress Caiatl exactly what he thinks of her and precisely how little our Guardians care about her supposed threat. This amazing portrayal of Zavala uses a meme that’s been going around the Destiny 2 community, and Reddick absolutely nails the delivery.

By the simple act of telling Zavala to “bow”, this tusk-faced princess has ensured that every Guardian this side of Nessus wants nothing more than to smash her little legion. In the actual cutscene, Zavala – always a man of few words – simply says “No” but one crafty Destiny 2 user by the name of Mechanize has dug into the subtext of this and made the following meme on which the video is based, even going so far as to tagging Reddick and stating they would, "Love to hear Lance Reddick read this whole thing [as] Zavala".

destiny 2 zavala bow meme

The full quote is as follows:

Excuse me? One. Fucking. Guardian. Has been kicking your race’s collective asses for 9 years. They kill gods for fun and turn them into guns for a meme. They genocide entire races for loot. They assassinated your last leader, cleaned out your daddy’s ship while he wrote fanfiction about them and promptly fucked off to let you pick up the pieces. The only reason I didn’t bring them here is because they casually began wielding the darkness to clap ass in new ways. All I have to do to make them end you, is to tell them you have a fancy new gun, or that Eris can make you into one. So, think about that before you tell us to bow to your sorry ass.

The meme is right and Lance Reddick perfectly encapsulates the strength and carefree attitude of our Guardians. I mean, we’ve got all kinds of messed up weapons built out of the bones, souls, and minds of our enemies – and even some of our closest allies. Guardians are so far from threatened by enemy forces that they willingly try to make things harder for themselves by tackling activities with terrible weapons or with not enough fireteam members.

Clearly Empress Caiatl hasn’t done her research either, if she had, she’d know that the Cabal are mystified by Guardians. In Destiny 1’s Ghost Fragment Cabal 4 Grimoire card, the lore states:

overwhelmed by Guardian fireteam/Vex pressure. few survivors. survivors reported Guardians foraging for equipment, dancing, and performing acrobatics with light vehicles.

The Cabal see us dancing and doing tricks on our Sparrows after we decimated their forces. We clearly do not give a solitary flip about them or consider them a viable threat.

So, yes Commander Zavala, you tell Empress Caiatl what we’ve done and exactly what we’re capable of doing next if given the right motivation. You tell us she’s got a shiny new weapon and we’ll start working out how to incorporate it into our builds. Until then, we’ll get back to taking out their command, one by one.

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