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Guardian Games Triumphs 2021 - Destiny 2

Discover what Triumphs await you in the Guardian Games 2021 event in Destiny 2.


Guardian Games 2021 has kicked off and it brings a slew of new Triumphs for players to unlock in Destiny 2. The majority of these Triumphs will be easy for most players to complete, with the most time-consuming ones being related to Crucible.

Guardian Games Triumphs 2021

destiny 2 guardian games triumphs
There are a dozen or so Triumphs to unlock as part of Guardian Games 2021.

The Guardian Games Triumphs for 2021 are a way for players to unlock additional medals and some new shaders. Thankfully, they’re not a requirement for unlocking Heir Apparent. Most of these will be easy to complete, with the main challenge being Fight Card: Crucible, as it requires specific actions be taken in Crucible matches.

To find the Guardian Games 2021 Triumphs, open the Triumphs section in the menu screen, select Season of the Chosen, and go to the Events tab. There are 14 Triumphs in total, with one of them being simply “complete all Triumphs”, so really, there’s only 13.

  • Consummate Competitor – Complete all Guardian Games Triumphs
  • Bronze Agent – Collect 15 Bronze Medals
  • Hearty Laurels – Collect Laurels
  • World-Class Point Scorer – Earn 50 class points
  • Platinum Plated – Earn a Platinum Medal
  • Fight Card: Strikes – Complete Strike Contender Cards while strikes are the Daily Focus
  • Fight Card: Crucible – Complete Crucible Contender Cards while Crucible is the Daily Focus
  • Fight Card: Gambit – Complete Gambit Contender Cards while Gambit is the Daily Focus
  • Catalyst Competitor – Complete the Heir Apparent catalyst quest
  • One Fell Strike – Defeat 50 combatants in a single strike
  • Crucible Competitor – Defeat 15 Guardians in Crucible matches
  • Extended Clipper – Defeat 100 combatants with Machine Guns
  • World-Class Striker – Complete a strike in the class-specific strike playlist
  • Closing Competitor – Participate in the closing ceremony

Completing all of the Guardian Games 2021 Triumphs is a great way to earn some additional medals and shaders as you fight to represent your class. Most players will be able to belt these out in a few days, with the only limitation being you must wait for the Daily Focus to rotate. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more walkthroughs of the various events and activities in the game.

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