Blooming Business: Casino wants you to keep all the animal folk gambling & happy

Casinos are a tough racket. You want everyone to have a good time. Not so good that they take all your money or so bad that they start trouble, though.


It’s not often we see a casino sim in the world of business management games. It’s also not often we see a game with animal people outside of Animal Crossing. The developers at Homo Ludens want to fix that. The studio just announced Blooming Business: Casino - a game about building up a casino, managing the business properly, and keeping the animal folk that pass through your doors happy, whether they’re staff, patrons… or mob.

Homo Ludens revealed Blooming Business: Casino in a press release on April 15, 2021, along with a trailer on the studio’s YouTube Channel. Based on the dusty (and sometimes underhanded) casino business of Las Vegas in the 1950s, players will explore a quaint and classic fantasy world in which they must build their business from the ground up, install the games and amenities that will keep animal gamblers coming in and spending money, and try to keep winning and losing streaks stabilized. You can have a look at what happens when even a successful casino lets a situation get out of hand below.

Blooming Business: Casino is quite unlike other sims we’ve seen in the business and while it still seems quite lighthearted, it’s also a very different flavor from a game like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In addition to handling your business and trying to keep the money flowing, there are factions at play inside your casino, such as the aforementioned mob. You’re going to have to make a deal or two if you want to keep unfortunate circumstances away from your game tables. Maintenance will also be part of the equation as you try to keep everything clean and working.

With so much to handle, your casino in Blooming Business: Chaos looks like it could be a proper menagerie of gambling animal folk… or a chaotic circus. That seems to be up to you to figure out. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be coming to early access on Steam before a full launch. Wishlist it if it catches your fancy and stay tuned here at Shacknews to stay up on the latest as more information and details are revealed about Blooming Business: Casino.

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      This statement suggests that the casino is using a clever marketing strategy to attract and retain customers. By personifying the animals and presenting them as customers, the casino is appealing to people's sense of empathy and encouraging them to continue gambling in order to keep the animal characters happy.

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