Rainbow Six Siege opens portal with Rick & Morty bundles

Ubisoft Montreal has turned Smoke into a pickle! He's Pickle SMOOOOOOOOKE!


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has taken some bold risks over the years. And to quote a popular cartoon character, "To live is to risk it all, otherwise you're just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you." Siege's latest crossover is one that people may not have expected coming into 2021, but yes, Ubisoft has found a way to add new Rick & Morty cosmetics into its tactical team-based shooter.

You ever hear "I'm Pickle RIIIIIIICK!" before? If you've ever spent five seconds on social media or on a college campus, you probably have... multiple times. So it may not surprise people that the team at Ubisoft Montreal has seen that episode of Rick & Morty more than a few times themselves. For these special bundles, players can pick up either the Gromflomite Sledge bundle, featuring the Gromflomite uniform and headgear for Sledge, the Federation Defense attachment skin, M590A1 weapon skin, and Seal Team Rick charm; or they can grab the Pickle Rick Smoke bundle. That's right, boom, big reveal, they've turned Smoke into a pickle! That bundle features the Pickle Rick Rat Suit and headgear, the Portal Gun attachment skin, weapon skin, and Pickle Rick charm. Each of these bundles will be available for 2,160 in-game R6 Credits.

The Rick & Morty collaboration with Adult Swim was first teased earlier this year. Some might wonder whether anyone needs Rick & Morty bundles for Rainbow Six Siege. Of course, if Rick has taught us anything, it's that "need" is a strong word. We need door stops, but a brick would work, too. I mean, look at that Pickle Rick Rat. That things looks sweet, doesn't it?

And hey, as long as we're talking about Rick & Morty, did you know that today is Shacknews' 25th anniversary? And that we once talked to series creator Justin Roiland in what may have been one of Shacknews' finest hours? If you missed it, why not watch it below?

The Rick & Morty bundles will come to Rainbow Six Siege on April 15. Ubisoft Montreal is teasing more bundles in the future, so hopefully that means a Tycoon Rick skin is around the corner. Because, who doesn't like fancy top hats?

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