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Twitch taking action against over 7.5 million accounts suspected of botting

The streaming giant says its used machine learning technology to identify accounts in violation of its terms of service.


Many streamers on are in a constant fight to acquire more viewers, followers, and subscriptions. As viewer engagement numbers increase, the potential payouts for serving ads and other monetization methods also rise. This has led to an increase in fraudulent accounts that are created to operate as view botters or follow botters for the purpose of inflating engagement reports. Today, Twitch announced it will be taking action against more than 7.5 million accounts suspected of engaging in botting behavior.

The official Twitch Support account on Twitter made a post earlier today explaining their decision to act against these suspect accounts.

Additional reply Tweets were made by the account explaining that Twitch identified the account in violation of their terms of service by use of machine learning technology. They said that they will continue to use this method and that they expect its accuracy will increase moving forward.

Twitch also warns streamers that their total follower or view counts may appear lower than normal as a result of action taken against suspected bot accounts. Twitch users who suspect they may have been the target of view botting or follower botting are asked to refer to this Twitch support page.

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