Legends of Runeterra update 2.6.0 patch notes detail one-year anniversary

Legends of Runeterra has been out for a full year and Riot Games wants to celebrate by offering seven straight days of free stuff.


It's been a full year since Riot Games launched its entry into the digital card gaming space. Legends of Runeterra has successfully put its own spin on the genre for a full year and now Riot is ready to celebrate. On Tuesday, the publisher released the game's 2.6.0 patch, which is light on balance tweaks and heavy on anniversary gifts.

The big anniversary comes a little over a month after the release of the Empires of the Ascended expansion. Starting today, Legends of Runeterra players will receive seven straight days of free gifts, simply for logging into the game. Here's what players can expect to get, according to the Legends of Runeterra website:

  • Day 1: Piece of Cake Garden Emote
  • Day 2: Common Prismatic Chest
  • Day 3: First Year Icon
  • Day 4: Sharp & Sweet Katarina Emote
  • Day 5: Rare Prismatic Chest
  • Day 6: Champion Wildcard
  • Day 7: Anniversary Poro Guardian

On top of that, there's a really nice First Year card back out there, featuring the fun image of a birthday cupcake. If players want this, though, they're going to have to put in some work. There are seven event quests, one for each day of the week. Complete all seven quests in order to receive the First Year card back.

Other changes implemented with the 2.6.0 update include new visual effects for Spell Shield, Recall, Auras, Elusive, Shuffle, various Deck Events (Nab/Draw), and Sharpsight.

Riot has also put out a series of bug fixes with this latest update, touching on push notifications, animations, and card interactions, among other things. The Legends of Runeterra 2.6.0 patch is out now on PC and mobile devices. Be sure to check out the patch notes page for more information.

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