How to get rid of Red Jammer PAC-MAN - PAC-MAN 99

Kill all the Red Jammer PAC-MAN units in your maze in PAC-MAN 99 to give you some more breathing room.


Red Jammer PAC-MAN units in PAC-MAN 99 are a challenge to deal with, even for veterans. While it might look like there’s no guaranteed way to deal with them, it’s actually possible to get rid of or kill a Red Jammer PAC-MAN. These things don’t die like your typical ghost, so the strategy to take them down requires a bit of planning.

How to defeat Red Jammer PAC-MAN

pac-man 99 red jammer pac-man
Eat fruit to clear all Red Jammers.

Red Jammer PAC-MAN units are a new type of enemy players will encounter in PAC-MAN 99. These appear in your maze as the game progresses, starting out as stationary obstacles and then pursuing you after the match reaches a certain point. There is a way to take them out, though you won’t be using the power pellets.

Now here's the scoop: eat a piece of fruit to kill Red Jammer PAC-MAN units. The fruit spawns in the middle of the map, below the ghost jail. Eating fruit will kill all Red Jammer PAC-MAN units. It’s important to note that it will not clear the maze of regular Jammers, those are only defeated by eating pellets. On that note, eating a pellet will freeze all Red Jammers, giving you a chance to reposition.

Eating the fruit also has the effect of resetting the maze, which gives you more dots – this isn’t always a great idea. The reason you might not want to eat the fruit is if you are close to increasing your speed in PAC-MAN 99. Going faster can help you avoid those Red Jammers when they start chasing you and there’s no fruit on the board.

When do Red Jammers spawn?

As for when you can expect to see Red Jammer PAC-MAN invading your maze that tends to happen when you get to the top 50 players. As you advance to the top 40, you will see the Red Jammers go from stationary hazards to actively pursuing you similar to ghosts. At this point, it’s pretty critical to get a fruit, especially if there are White Jammers filling the board.

Killing Red Jammer PAC-MAN in PAC-MAN 99 is a difficult task. While it might sound simple to just eat fruit, if you’ve just used it, you’ll need to go through the effort of getting the fruit to respawn – which is its own unique challenge. Make sure to check out the Shacknews PAC-MAN 99 page for more tips and tricks to help you chase that PAC-ONE position!

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