Path of Exile expansion Ultimatum coming next week

Ultimatum, the latest expansion for Path of Exile, gives players the chance to risk it all.


It’s a big day for fans of the Path of Exile franchise. Developer Grinding Gear Games hosted a special livestream event to show off what they’ve been working on for action RPG fans. In addition to a new trailer for Poth of Exile 2, the team also took the wraps off of Ultimatum, the newest expansion for the original game. Ultimatum is expected to release next week.

This new expansion is centered around new challenges for players who get to risk their rewards for increasingly more valuable drops. In each area of the Ultimatum league, players can find the Trialmaster, an emissary of Chaos. On behalf of Chaos, the Trialmaster enacts trials where players must risk an escalating set of valuable rewards as they attempt to overcome progressively more difficult encounters.

In each Trial, you'll be presented with a reward, an objective, and a selection of difficulty modifiers that make the trial harder. Once you've chosen one of the modifiers, you must then complete that objective under the constraints of that modifier in order to win the promised reward.

If you succeed in the challenge, the Trialmaster will present you with an ultimatum: walk away with what you have earned so far, or risk it all to try to win additional rewards. He'll offer you another item if you can select an additional difficulty modifier and complete the challenge with both modifiers present. If you fail, you'll lose both rewards and walk away with nothing.

This cycle continues until the rewards become increasingly valuable and the encounter extremely difficult. You'll have to pick a point to end your run and claim your spoils before you make the encounter too hard and lose everything. At its longest, an Ultimatum in endgame maps can sometimes have up to ten fast trials in a row, with a special surprise in the last one.

There will be many items exclusive to Ultimatum Trials and the team is trying to ensure that the mode is friendly to parties and solo players. Party members will be able to opt out of a trial independent of other members should they desire to cash out. Ultimatum is scheduled to arrive on April 16, 2021, You can learn the full details at the official Path of Exile website. You can also read about the new Path of Exile 2 trailer that debuted during today's livestream.

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