Path of Exile 2 gets all-new trailer featuring second-act desert

Grinding Gear Games is excited to show off the progress they've made on their upcoming action RPG sequel.


It was a big day for Grinding Gear Games as they took an opportunity to bring fans along for a livestream event to show off progress on their long-awaited action RPG sequel, Path of Exile 2. The highlight of the livestream was the unveiling of an all-new trailer that offers a world-premiere look at the game's second act.

As shown in the trailer, Act 2 is centered around a caravan of Maraketh called the Ardura who live in the Vastiri Desert. Players will chase another caravan from an opposing tribe called the Faridun. There's a set of large ancient gates blocking the progress of the caravan through a desert pass so players will be sent through the Traitor's Passage to unlock them.

In total, Grinding Gear says that Path of Exile 2 will have a seven-act campaign. If that wasn’t enough, the entirety of the original game’s campaign will be playable in the new game client. Adventurers who complete either of the campaigns will gain access to shared endgame content. This means that owners of the original game will not need to buy Path of Exile 2 in order to benefit from the endgame upgrades and features coming with the sequel.

Path of Exile 2 also comes with an all-new skill gem system, new items, new monsters, character classes, and all the Ascendancy classes are completely new. The updated visuals are also a big change from the first game. Much of the new trailer shows off the extensive update to lighting quality, model quality, and especially animations. Grinding Gear Games says they have worked tirelessly on the new animation system and expect it to deliver more detail and nuance than ever before. 

The full release for Path of Exile 2 is not scheduled for this year, though the team expects it to be ready for 2022. 

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