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How to rank up fast - PAC-MAN 99

Increase your rank fast in PAC-MAN 99 and watch your opponents cower in fear.


PAC-MAN 99 is letting players test their skills against the world, and one way to do that is by ranking up to prove you’re the best. For those that want to get to those high ranks, and flaunt their pellet-munching prowess, learning how to rank up – and how to do it fast – is going to be a good idea.

How to rank up fast

pac-man 99 rank up

Ranking up in PAC-MAN 99 is fairly straightforward. In fact, even ranking up quickly is easy. Your rank is entirely dependent on how well you perform. This means that the better you play, the longer you survive, and the more players you knockout, the more EXP you will earn each game, which will bump your rank up faster.

At the end of each game you will be shown whether or not you ranked up during the match. As mentioned above, the better you perform, the more experience you will be able to earn. A good strategy to improve your performance is to target other players. This will allow you to better control the flow of battle.

If you didn’t rank up at the end of a match, you can see how your progress is going by quitting to the main menu. When in the main menu, look at the top of the screen to see your rank displayed along with how much EXP you have. The bar will indicate how far off the next level you are.

What does rank do?

pac-man 99 rank

As for what rank does in PAC-MAN 99, at the moment, it’s purely for bragging rights. At the end of a game you can see everyone’s rank, which means that someone with a higher ranker is likely going to do better as it means they’ve played for longer. What this also means if that you beat a bunch of people with a rank that is higher than you, that you’ve just beaten some PAC-MAN veterans!

Ranking up in PAC-MAN 99 might just be for bragging rights, but it’s no doubt something players will want to speed up wherever possible. If you want to rank up fast, make sure you practice and try to improve your skills and strategies. The best way to improve? Why, by checking out the Shacknews PAC-MAN 99 page of course!

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