Is Rocket Pass Premium worth it in Rocket League Season 3?

Psyonix is about to unleash its Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass. What do you get for your credits and is it worth it?


The latest celebration event for one of the most popular video games of all time kicks off this week in the form of the Season 3 Rocket Pass for Rocket League. Psyonix’s car-soccer hybrid arcade game is enjoyed by millions of unique players each week and one of the promotions the development team brings to the experience is the Rocket Pass. For a small fee, players can level up and earn a huge assortment of exclusive items and cosmetics.

How long does it take to level through the Rocket Pass? Can casual players find value in the purchase? We have assembled an overview of what you can expect when purchasing the Season 3 Rocket Pass and if it makes sense to purchase for you.

Is Rocket Pass Premium worth it in Rocket League Season 3?

When a new season of Rocket League begins, all players are eligible to begin earning rewards from the Rocket Pass. There are two types of rewards offered: Free and Premium. The Free-tier items can be earned by anyone and are located on their own separate track. These items have historically included anthems, toppers, and various drops of Rare and Very Rare classification.

Players who opt to purchase the Rocket Pass for 1,000 Credits ($9.99) will also unlock the ability to earn rewards from the Premium Tier of the pass in addition to some free items that unlock upon Rocket Pass purchase. For the Season 3 Rocket Pass, purchasers are awarded the Tyranno, an all-new car body that shares a hitbox with the Dominus.

The Premium rewards track in the Rocket Pass offers owners exclusive decals, toppers, paint jobs, boosts, and bonus credits/XP. Dedicated players even have the opportunity to earn enough bonus credit boosts to nearly cover the initial cost of the Season 3 Rocket Pass.

Deciding if the Season 3 Rocket Pass is worth buying comes down to how much time you plan on putting into Rocket League over the course of the season. Casual players who only expect to drop into matches here and there would probably be better off sticking to the free rewards track. Progression through the full rewards track requires many hours of playing. Should you power through 70+ levels of the Rocket Pass before the season wraps, you can still buy the pass and any Premium-tier rewards will instantly unlock (up through your current Rocket Pass level).

If Rocket League is your main game and you know it will be a mainstay of your evenings running into the summer, the Rocket Pass is easy to recommend. The bonus credit rewards will nearly pay for the Rocket Pass themselves, plus you get all of your earned rewards. You can go over the full details of the Season 3 Rocket Pass at the official Rocket League blog. Racing fans will also be excited to learn that both Nascar and Formula 1-branded items are coming to Rocket League Season 3 in May.

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