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Pack your pockets with Anomaly Shards in Outriders so you can raise the attributes of any weapon and armor you want.


There are a lot of resources in Outriders and one of the most important is Shards. For players that want to increase the power of their gear, getting Shards is going to be a top priority, especially as players approach the end-game content. Acquiring Shards, and farming up a good supply, is relatively easy – you just need to be comfortable with parting ways with your gear.

How to get Shards

The only way to acquire Shards, also known as Anomaly Shards, is to dismantle gear. The type of gear you dismantle doesn’t matter, what does matter are the attributes on said gear. The attribute on the gear will dictate what kind of Shard you receive.

outriders get shards dismantle
Gear can be dismantled to get Anomaly Shards. The attribute highlighted by the Shard icon is the type of Anomaly Shard you receive.

While items can have many attributes, dismantling an item will only award you with an Anomaly Shard for the attribute that has a Shard icon next to it. For example, the weapon above (Markson Z-EE “Space Revenant”) has three attributes, Healing Received, Close Range Damage, and Crit Damage, but only Crit Damage has the Shard icon next to it. This means if I were to dismantle it, I would only receive Crit Damage Shards.

outriders anomaly shards
Hover over the Shard icon to see what Shards you have available.

You can check how many Shards of each type you have by highlighting the Shard icon in your inventory. This will allow you to see which type of Shard you’re running low on, which will help you decide whether to sell a weapon for Scrap or dismantle it for Shards and crafting materials.

By the time you’re approaching the end of the game, you should have a fairly healthy supply of Anomaly Shards across all attribute areas. It’s also worth noting that Shards aren’t just from weapons, they’re also available from dismantling armor.

With a decent supply of Shards in your inventory, you should have no trouble modding and upgrading any item you pick up. However, while you’re still finishing the game and approaching the end-game, it’s worth holding onto the shards you get so you don’t run dry by the time you get to play with the big guns. Stop by the Shacknews Outriders page for more helpful tips.

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