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War Hospital has players experience the horrors of war as a doctor

If managing a field hospital during WW1 sounds like your cup of tea, then War Hospital is for you.


War Hospital has been announced at the Future Games Show and it brings with it a unique angle on the Great War. In War Hospital, players take on the role of managing a field hospital, set right on the frontlines of the battle. Please, take a look at the trailer below.

The game’s description paints a picture of the type of gameplay players can expect heading in to War Hospital. It utilizes a real-time strategy and economic survival setup that sounds similar to those seen in the likes of Anno 1800. There are also RPG elements, which is certainly a unique element among this genre. The YouTube description continues:

It is not only a computer game. It is a deeply emotional experience related to the greatest and often untouched drama in the world of games media - the First World War. The special and unique perspective of presenting this subject allows us to think of the Field Hospital not only as electronic entertainment but also as a moving experience of the real drama of ordinary and extraordinary people - soldiers fighting on the fronts of the "Great War".

The official press release notes that the game emphasizes the "moral side of commanding a WW1 field hospital." Players will need to put their all into treating each patient, prioritizing which soldiers to treat first. The game also features important moments where a decision can lead you down different paths. For example, an explosion in the lab offers the choice of stopping production and repairing damages or repairing damages but keeping production moving. These will likely have long-lasting effects on how your staff copes and hospital runs.

Players that want to see what it’s like managing a field hospital during World War 1 are bound to find War Hospital an enticing offering. The game is currently set to release across multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC. Though there is no specific release date yet, War Hospital is set to release in 2022. Make sure to check out the Shacknews 2021 video game release date calendar guide for a list of every title scheduled to come out this year.

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