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How to use Kamura Points - Monster Hunter Rise

Discover where to use Kamura Points and how to earn a good supply of them in Monster Hunter Rise.


There are a lot of mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise and a new one that might trip up players is Kamura Points. Of course, it’s only natural to want to know what are Kamura Points and how to use them, especially as you seem to amass so many early on in the game and have limited places to spend them. While you might be flush with them at one point, it’s a good idea to spend them wisely, as more places unlock throughout the campaign where Kamura Points can be used.

What are Kamura Points for?

When you first start Monster Hunter Rise, the first place you will likely want to spend Kamura Points is at the canteen. However, as the game progresses and you unlock new areas and features around the village, you will be able to spend Kamura Points on different things. Here’s where they can be used:

  • Canteen
  • Argosy shop
  • Argosy buddy submarine resource gathering
  • Meowcenaries
monster hunter rise use kamura points

As mentioned above, Kamura Points can be used at the canteen to purchase Dango before a hunt. They can also be used at the Canteen in the Motley Mix. This is a way to turn resources into other materials, like raw meat into Well-done Steak.

The Argosy has two different options if you want to spend your Kamura Points. Firstly, there’s a specialty shop where you can buy unique goods (you can even buy Shock Traps here if you don’t want to craft them or farm the resources). Secondly, you can also send your buddies out on resource gathering hunts, which can be augmented using the Bargain Skill, which costs Kamura Points.

Lastly, you can use Kamura Points at the Meowcenaries. This is a mechanic that allows you to send out Meowcenaries on expeditions, which is similar to the buddy system.

How to get Kamura Points

monster hunter rise get kamura points

Kamura Points can be earned by doing various tasks in Monster Hunter Rise. Each time you successfully finish a quest or Expedition, you will be awarded some Kamura Points. Even some Option Subquests and Requests will net you a handful of points. If you’re running low, focus on doing some Optional Subquests from Hinoa the Quest Maiden. There are also special Dango at the Canteen that can increase your Kamura Point haul from quests if you eat them.

Whether you’re preparing for a hunt by eating at the Canteen, using the Argosy for its various offerings, or sending out Meowcenaries, there are plenty of ways to spend Kamura Points in Monster Hunter Rise. Just remember to focus on earning Kamura Points each time you play so you don’t run too low. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more monster-hunting guides and tips.

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