How to get Well-done Steak - Monster Hunter Rise

A Well-done Steak will get you far in Monster Hunter Rise, you just need to know how to get a piece or how to actually cook it right.


Well-done Steak is a resource a lot of hunters will be familiar with and it returns to Monster Hunter Rise. This basic food is the result of cooking a bit of raw meat to perfection or purchasing one. For those players that want to fill up or make some deliveries, knowing where to buy Well-done Steak is going to be important or even learning a trick for how to know when it’s cooked perfectly.

How to get Well-done Steak – BBQ

One way to get Well-done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise is to cook it using the barbeque. This is a special item that you will have in your inventory at the start of the game. When you use it, you enter a little mini-game animation where you must pull the meat off at the right time in order to cook it perfectly.

well-done steak bbq monster hunter rise
Wait for the handle to rotate four times past the vertical position.

To use the BBQ, hold the L button and use the A or Y buttons to scroll through your tools. Highlight the BBQ Spit (it will be a little spit roast icon) and then press Y to begin the cooking process (you will need to have raw meat in your inventory).

Now, the trick to perfectly cooking meat and getting well-done steak is to watch the handle rotate four times past the up position. As the handle reaches the top for the fourth time, quickly press the A button to yank the meat off the fire. If you’ve timed it correctly, you will have Well-done Steak! The timing on the button press is also very close to when the cooking music stops if you just want to go by sound.

well-done steak canteen monster hunter rise
You can give the canteen your Raw Meat and they will cook it into well-done steak.

The other way to get Well-done Steak is to purchase it from the Canteen. This obviously uses precious Zenny or Kamura Points. Depending on how flush you are with these, you might prefer to head out on an Expedition and cook it yourself.

Getting Well-done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise is going to be a bit tricky at first. Learning the precise timing of when to pull the meat off of the BBQ Spit takes some practice, unless you use the above trick, in which case you should be fine. Now, head over to the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more tips to help you hunt.

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