How to go on Expeditions - Monster Hunter Rise

Discover how to go into free roam in Monster Hunter Rise, which is often referred to as an Expedition.


Sometimes in Monster Hunter Rise you don’t want to go on a hunt or a quest, but you want to go out and explore an area in free roam. There is a way you can do this and it’s called an Expedition. This gives players an opportunity to gather resources, document monsters and other endemic life, and explore the various nooks and crannies each area offers, all without a stressful time limit. You can even hunt a collection of Wyverns not linked to a quest while you're exploring each area.

How to free roam – Starting an Expedition

In order to go on an Expedition in Monster Hunter Rise (the game’s version of free roam), you must make your way to one of the twins, Hinoa or Minoto. These twins act as the quest givers. Each one is responsible for a certain type of quest, Hinoa for Village and Minoto for Hub.

  1. Go and speak to either Hinoa or Minoto
  2. Select Village Quests (if speaking with Hinoa) or Hub Quests (if speaking with Minoto)
  3. Choose Expedition Tour
  4. Pick which area you wish to explore

When you make it to the last step, you will be asked to choose which area you want to roam about in and explore. These are listed as “A Tour of the…” followed by the area name. You can only tour areas you have encountered through the main quest. Select the area you want to explore and press A. When you’re ready to depart, either press ZR to confirm the Expedition or go toward a quest gate and press A.

monster hunter rise expedition free roam
Going on an Expedition in Monster Hunter Rise is a great way to gather the resources you need for hunts.

When you land in the area, you will be able to explore it fully, gather resources, and hunt whatever monsters are available to you. This is a great way to become more comfortable with the layouts of areas, to learn the various secrets and hidden spots, and even discover the Jewel Lilies and Great Wirebug points of interest.

When you’re through with the Expedition and want to go back to the Village, you can leave the Expedition by pressing the + button, going to the second tab and selecting Complete Quest. You will get to keep whatever you have collected during your free roam/tour.

Now that you’ve got the hang of going on an Expedition and spending some time free roaming around Monster Hunter Rise, you can take a tour whenever you want. This is a great way to gather resources you might need – such as for building traps to capture monsters – or finding secret areas. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more valuable information.

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