Streets of Rage 4 'Mr. X Nightmare' appears on SteamDB teasing possible DLC

Dotemu previously teased that Streets of Rage 4 DLC is coming, and whatever it is may feature the franchise's notorious longtime antagonist.


Streets of Rage 4 was an incredible highlight of 2020’s gaming year. It’s a lush love letter to both its own franchise and old-school arcade brawlers in general that we have had no issue sharing our enthusiasm for over and over again. The base game itself is fantastic, but we of course love to see more. Dotemu has teased that DLC for Streets of Rage 4 is coming, and although details are sparse, a SteamDB listing may have just teased an idea of what we can expect.

It was fairly recently noticed that an interesting listing appeared on SteamDB, tied directly to Streets of Rage 4. Titled “Mr. X Nightmare,” this listing apparently requires Streets of Rage 4 in order to run, highly suggesting that it could be DLC for the game. For those who are unaware, Mr. X is a longtime antagonist of the Streets of Rage franchise, appearing as the final boss in the first three games. He’s also the deceased parent of Streets of Rage 4’s obnoxious villain duo Mr. and Ms. Y. This listing seems to suggest that Mr. X could be making a dastardly return in new content.

In the past, Dotemu has teased that Streets of Rage 4 DLC was definitely in the works, but the publisher and developer could not provide any details as to what it would be or when we could expect it. The picture is still vague as to what we’d be getting when it comes to DLC, but Mr. X Nightmare has us intrigued to say the least. Streets of Rage 4 did more than enough to garner all of our praise in its Shacknews review. While we know the lush, hand-drawn art style of the game takes a massive amount of work, the payoff was a fun, gorgeous, and incredibly well-balanced and engaging brawler.

It will likely be some time before we figure out what Mr. X Nightmare actually is, but the opportunity to play more Streets of Rage 4 is one opportunity we’re salivating to see. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further news and updates on this possible SoR4 DLC.

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