Watch the GALAHAD 3093 Pre-Beta Briefing - Hosted by Shacknews this Friday

Shacknews is teaming up this week with Simutronics in honor of the upcoming GALAHAD 3093 extended beta, culminating in a livestream with the devs this Friday.


GALAHAD 3093 promises to be strong arena shooter bustling with mech metal and ordinance and developer Simutronics is set to give players a healthy taste of the action this weekend. With that in mind, Shacknews is also teaming up with Simutronics ahead of the beta launch this Friday. All week long, we’re repping coverage of GALAHAD 3093 and its upcoming extended beta, and it will all lead up to a stream with the developers this Friday in which we’ll play the game and do Q&A ahead of the beta’s launch.

GALAHAD 3093 join open beta

In case you missed it, the GALAHAD 3093 extended beta was announced by Simutronics on March 15, 2021. Starting on Friday, March 19 and running until March 28, PC players will be able to jump into this Arthurian legend-inspired first-person mech hero shooter and see what kind of action GALAHAD 3093 has in store for them. Also on March 19, Simutronics will be joining us in a special stream on the Shacknews Twitch channel at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET to play and talk about the game, just before its beta launch. Viewer questions will also be answered in a live Q&A.

You can make sure you’re registered for an opportunity to take part in the GALAHAD 3093’s beta by heading to the Steam page and clicking Request Access under the Join the GALAHAD 3093 Playtest section. Simutronics expects to host further betas this year as it prepares the game for an early access launch, so this will help make sure you’re ready for future betas too.

GALAHAD 3093 is Simutronics’ latest return to the mech shooter genre in a long historical pedigree of titles like CyberStrike. Players will take up the role of mech pilots known as Knights and customize their mechs - or Lances - with Light to Super Heavy frames and loadouts to engage in up to 32-player battles. This coming beta is set to feature mech customization, various Knights with special abilities to further augment your loadout, and a control-style Base Assault mode on The Canyon map.

Want more GALAHAD 3093? Stay tuned to Shacknews all week long for further coverage on the game and get ready as we go live with Simutronics ahead of the extended beta this weekend. You can also catch the latest on the GALAHAD 3093 Twitter and Facebook. Get ready to suit up and battle it out all week long here at Shacknews.

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