Simutronics CEO talks GALAHAD 3093, mech games, & history of the studio

We recently got to speak with Simutronics CEO David Whatley about upcoming title GALAHAD 3093, as well as the history of the studio that led here.


Simutronics has been around for quite a while in one form or another. The team has worked on various online games for decades, and it’s about to launch a whole new thing with GALAHAD 3093: an up to 32 player arena-style hero shooter in which players take on mechs in the style of Arthurian legend to engage in full-metal combat with each other. How ready was Simutronics for this moment? We recently got to talk to studio CEO David Whatley about the experience and history of previous games that led up to GALAHAD 3093.

GALAHAD 3093 has been in development for sometime and is set to feature playtesting soon via Steam. However, Whatley and the team’s experience with this type of game goes back decades. He recalls how Simutronics worked on mech and multiplayer games as far back as 1993 with CyberStrike. That far back, the internet was still very young and connections were not what they are today, but the team was still able to figure out how to code a multiplayer system, as well as other elements as the game’s graphics and performance.

Whatley goes on to share how the decades-long experience of making games like CyberStrike went on to help the team understand what they were going for and what they needed to make GALAHAD 3093 good and set it apart from other shooters in the scene. He speaks to the unique strengths that have allowed mech games to continue to exist, including how even a player that doesn’t have the snap reflexes often necessary for today’s shooter can play in a game like GALAHAD. Check out the video for the full conversation.

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