Monster Hunter Rise will have a 117-song soundtrack, available as a four-disc package

This lengthy Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack is set to have a physical release in Japan in May.


As we inch closer to the release of Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch at the end of this March, there’s plenty of reason to be excited for the next wyvern carving romp in this franchise. However, there’s more than just action to this series. Monster Hunter also has a vast library of iconic and enjoyable tunes to jam out to as you plan, prep, and stalk your prey. Fortunately, it seems Capcom is putting together a way to listen to Monster Hunter Rise’s melodies even when you’re not on the hunt, and it will culminate in a massive four-disc, 117-song soundtrack coming out first in Japan this May 2021.

News of Monster Hunter Rise’s bulky collection of melodies comes via, as recently reported by Destructoid. According to the reveal, the Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack will be a physical release of four discs and 117 collected songs from the game. It will launch in Japan on May 19, 2021 and run at a cost of 4500 yen (around $42 USD).

There’s no word of a US release for the physical Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack just yet, but Capcom has made Monster Hunter’s music available in various forms via Apple Music, Spotify, and even separate releases on Steam. Indeed, Monster Hunter Rise already has a few selected tracks on Spotify from the overall 117 track collection, so there’s little reason to doubt that we’ll also be able to get our hands on this vast collection in some form down the line as well.

Even so, here’s hoping for all the Monster Hunter fans out there that the physical version of the Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack makes its way stateside as well. As we prepare for the game’s launch on Nintendo Switch on March 26, stay tuned for to all of our Monster Hunter Rise coverage, including our hands-on preview and the news of a PC port coming in 2022.

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