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All Presage scannables - Destiny 2

Where to find all the scannables in the Presage mission for the Figments of an Answer and Another Link in the Chain Triumphs in Destiny 2.


The Presage mission offers players a chance at a brand new Exotic weapon, plenty of lore, as well as several scannable items. For those tracking down all the Triumphs for Season of the Chosen, finding all the Presage scannables in Destiny 2 is going to be something they want to do sooner rather than later.

All Presage scannables

destiny 2 presage scannables triumphs
There are 15 scannable objects in the Presage mission and they're divided up until three separate Triumphs.

There are several scannables to find in the Presage mission in Destiny 2. The first week the mission was released, players could find and scan five items with an additional six items unlocked the following week. However, if players failed to scan everything the first week, the new items would not be unlocked. It’s important to scan everything available before the weekly reset so that the new objects can be scanned.

With that out of the way, here are each of the scannable items in Presage according to their entry in the Triumph page. Depending on your skill level, you can either grab these scans solo or as a Fireteam.

Figments of an Answer

The first five scannables are part of the Triumph, Figments of an Answer. The first four are found before the boss fight and the last one is immediately after, but before you drop down to the ship’s bridge.

1. Dead Cabal

destiny 2 presage scannables 1
The Cabal can be found hanging from the growth after the first Egregore Link.

The first scannable is a dead Cabal hanging upside from some vines. This is found after you do the jumping puzzle at the very start of the mission and make your way back inside. Grab the first Egregore Link and go through the Darkness barrier, the Cabal is right in front of you.

2. Scorn tether shell

destiny 2 presage scannables 2
The Scorn tether is across the first gap in the electrical grid section.

The Scorn tether shell is in the section with the multiple electrical grids. You will need to jump across the first gap and around the cylinder hanging from the ceiling. Go through the door and on the right you will find the Scorn shell beside some walling and crates.

3. Guardian opulent ship

destiny 2 presage scannables 3
This flashy ship is after the hangar fight.

Next you can scan a Guardian’s ship that is clearly designed by Emperor Calus or inspired by him. This ship is found in the hangar fight area. Clear out the Scorn and then go to the opposite side to where you entered to find this opulent ship.

4. Dark ether canisters

destiny 2 presage scannables 4
The electrical grid blocking off the upper area must be switched off to scan the Dark ether canisters.

The Dark ether canisters are found in the room where there is an electrical grid blocking off an upper area. You will need to throw the lever on the canister and shoot the fuse behind the door to turn off the electricity, which allows you to jump up. After jumping up, turn left to spot the canisters on the ground.

5. Calus hologram

destiny 2 presage scannables 5
Before dropping down to claim your gun, turn around and grab this message from Emperor Calus.

The final scannable for the Figments of an Answer Triumph is after the boss fight but before you drop down to the dead Guardian. After defeating the boss, go through the door behind the pipes and destroy the grate in the ground. Drop down and immediately turn around and jump over the small obstacle. You will find a glowing disc with what appears to be Calus’ face.

Another Link in the Chain

The next round of scannables can be acquired the weekly reset after you’ve found the previous five. These six are for the Triumph, Another Link in the Chain.

6. Computer terminal

destiny 2 presage scannables 6
After the first Egregore Link, jump up into the access tunnels and scan this terminal.

The next scannable is after you pick up the first Egregore Link and pass into the room with the hanging Cabal. Jump up onto the pipe and into the maintenance access ways. Look for the computer terminal on the wall and scan it.

7. Cabal Scorpius turret

destiny 2 presage scannables 7
In the middle of the electrical grid puzzle is a broken Scorpius turret.

Next is a broken Scorpius turret in the section with multiple electrical grids. When you reach the gap with two canisters hanging from the ceiling, look to the left to find the turret.

8. Cabal Incinerator

destiny 2 presage scannables 8
Find this Cabal Incinerator pack after the hangar fight.

A Cabal Incinerator’s backpack is the next scannable in Presage. After the hangar fight, jump outside and into the next hangar. Below the ship will be an Incinerator’s backpack.

9. Scorn

destiny 2 presage scannables 9
Look for the dead Scorn on this computer-terminal-scanning-machine-thing.

This scannable is the Scorn that is lying on the circular terminal immediately after the hangar section and the previous scannable. Jump through the maintenance access tunnels and back into the main part of the ship. You’ll come across a room with a dead Scorn on a circular pedestal with a terminal next to it.

10. Dead Ghost

destiny 2 presage scannables 10
Scan the dead Ghost in the jumping puzzle with the spinning platforms.

Now, you can finally scan the dead Ghost which you might have found in the spinning platform section. Jump across the two spinning platforms and instead of jumping up to the left where the sniper is, go to the right to find the dead Ghost behind some boxes.

11. Chalice

destiny 2 presage scannables 11
There's a chalice to scan in the room with the dead Guardian after the boss fight.

In the room with the dead Guardian is a chalice, the last scannable for this Triumph. You can find the chalice under the walkway where you entered the room, sitting on a pile of Cabal gold.

All the Scattered Pieces

The next round of scannables in Presage are only available after you’ve scanned the previous 11. Remember you can only scan one group of scannables every weekly reset until all are scanned. That is to say, you cannot scan Another Link in the Chain and then All the Scattered Pieces in one week.

12. Frame

The first scannable for the All the Scattered Pieces Triumph is a frame leaning up against a computer terminal right before the first lever in the electrical grid room. This is the area with multiple electrical grids and the large trench to jump across. Defeat the Screebs and jump up onto the gangway to find the robot.

13. Ship part

After the hangar fight is where you can find this next scannable. As you jump out into space to get into the adjacent hangar, look at the side of the Glykon to see a canister attached to the hull – this is the object that must be scanned.

14. Datapad

The next object to scan is immediately after the hangar fight in the adjacent hangar. On the left side of the massive hangar bay doors is a datapad with a yellow screen.

15. Chosen canister and tapestry

The final scannable in the Presage mission is right before the final boss fight, in the room with the rally banner flag circle. Look for the canister and the tapestry in the corner with the Chosen iconography.

There are quite a few scannable items and objects to find in the Presage mission. Players that want to unlock all the Season of the Chosen Triumphs will no doubt want to get these squared away. If, for some reason, you’re unable to scan a week’s items, you may need to ensure you’ve scanned all previous objects and then wait for the next weekly reset. Make sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more coverage of the latest season.

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