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Octavia Prime Access kicks off today in Warframe

The dance-happy Warframe gets some shine as the latest Prime Access selection.


It is a good time to be a fan of Warframe. Digital Extremes’ popular looter shooter is now available on all major platforms, including Nintendo’s Switch handheld console, and has been consistently providing one of the best free-to-play experiences in the video game world. The development team has prepared another chunk of great content for the player base in the Prime Access program. Popular Warframe Octavia is the latest participant and makes her Prime Access debut today across all platforms.

Thousands of Tenno have wielded Octavia’s dance-fueled attack style and created music for her Mandachord since she first appeared in the Spring of 2017. Players can now access her suite of musically-infused weapons, armor, and cosmetics via Prime Access. From the Mandachord, a musical creation tool giving players the ability to make their own music for battle using percussion, bass, and melody, to the Shawzin Prime, a playable emote that looks like a lute, musically-inclined Tenno will find a lot to love here. The Bombast Instruments Pack is Prime Access exclusive and also drops today.

Prime Access packages offer players a way to equip themselves with top-tier Warframe configurations without the need for investing large amounts of time. The Warframes in the program rotate on a regular basis and often come with Prime-exclusive content.

Octavia Prime Access Features

Octavia’s dazzling re-design features new golden hoop earrings, auxiliary cord ponytail, boombox leg packs, and a Shawzin design emblazoned across her torso. Octavia Prime’s enhanced power is boosted with one new Polarity Slot (Vazarin) for greater customization, Max Shields and Max Energy. Warframe’s Octavia Prime Access is available in four different PC packs (The Mallet, Resonator, Amp and Accessories Packs) and consoles (Octavia Prime Access Pack and the Accessories Pack) today. 

Additional Features Include:

  • Bombast Instruments Pack: Included in Prime Access, the new bass-heavy instrument pack for Octavia’s Mandachord drops deep grooves and will have players moving and grooving in no time
  • Shawzin Bonus!: The Aristei Prime Shawzin, a stylish Orokin-era guitar, arrives with a unique note pack to create unique, custom tunes. Join the community and become a Shawzin Hero with Octavia Prime!
  • Weapons and Mods: 
  • Tenora Prime Rifle: Add lethal staccato percussion to Octavia's melodies with her masterpiece Assault Rifle
  • Pandero Prime Pistol: Pound the beat for a dance of death with Octavia's signature Prime Pistol
  • Altered Mods: Alter Mod polarities for greater customization and devastation
  • Fashion Frame Necessities:
  • Stylish Syandana: Awe the crowds with this majestic flourish of a Serenedine Syandana, fit for the mistress of the Mandachord
  • Glyphs: Display your loyalty with her distinctive glyphs
  • Signature Armor: Raise the curtain on Octavia's full glory, in Armor that embodies her living music

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