Here are all the monsters from the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Direct trailer

The latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer introduced a handful of dangerous monsters. We break down what we saw.


Wednesday's new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise offered some new looks at the game's story, as well as closer peeks at the game's various settings and systems. More than that, it also showed off a handful of new monsters that players can expect to encounter over the course of their journey. If you missed the full trailer, check it out below. And let's take a closer look at the monsters from today's trailer.

Here are the monsters that were revealed during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct trailer:


The Rakna-Kadaki is a Temnoceran, a type of monster known for its arachnid-like characteristics. This thread-covered creature will attack with sticky webs, which can leave its targets stuck and momentarily immobile. It will also attack by breathing fire and shooting out larvae, which will spawn smaller insects to attack.

Hunters can find the Rakna-Kadaki in the cracks of the Lava Caverns.


The Basarios is a classic creature returning from previous Monster Hunter games. This is a smaller wyvern-like beast, which can protect itself with its stony skin.


Volvidon is another returning monster, making its latest appearance following Monster Hunter Generations. This is an insect-like Fanged Beast, protected by beetle-like armor plates. It strikes at enemies with its long, lizard-like tongue and keps foes distant with its poisonous gas attacks.


This all-new Leviathan creature is a rare sight, as it usually keeps to its habitat along the mountains. However, it has descended from its usual home to attack the Kamura settlements.

The Almudron covers itself in mud in order to deflect incoming attacks. If Hunters stay persistant, the creature will then fling the mud at them in order to slow their movement. The golden liquid that comes out of its tail is corrosive, able to dissolve sand and stone. This not only hurts Hunters, but can also turn sand into quicksand. It will stay close to swampy and sandy environments, specifically the Sandy Plains, in order to maintain an advantage in battle.

Apex Arzuros

Monster Hunter veterans are familiar with the Arzuros, the fearsome Fanged Beast last seen in Monster Hunter Generations. Now there's an Apex version of this giant creature. Little is known about it, other than it's spurring the monster horde towards the Kamura settlements. Capcom is promising more information on the Apex Arzuros and the incoming Rampage in the future.

Grab your weapon and prepare to battle the incoming beasts. They can not only be found in the wild, but they'll often invade settlements, too. So be prepared when Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26. To learn more about today's reveals, visit Capcom-Unity.

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