FTL composer shares ultimate soundtrack playlist on Spotify

Ben Prunty is responsible for some of the chillest game soundtracks of the last decade and has shared a collection of his best on Spotify.


An excellent soundtrack has the power to allow players to float away in a sea of immersion. They can heighten tension, accentuate critical moments, or simply reinforce the vibe. If you happen to be a gamer who prefers things on the chill side, you are likely already familiar with Ben Prunty’s body of work. The composer for FTL, Into the Breach, and other hits has assembled a new playlist for Spotify users that collects the best of his works.

While the playlist does not cover the entirety of Prunty’s video game work, the selections contained within certainly work together to create a worthwhile vibe. Funny enough, the soundtrack to scrambling around a spaceship to repair hull damage from a red giant fire also works wonderfully well in a variety of other situations.

Speaking of FTL, it made headlines last summer when the GamePass version received official mod support from Microsoft. It joined Into the Breach, Metro: Exodus, and others in being the first wave of games on the subscription service to allow modifications.

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