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Skyforge interview: Bringing the sci-fi fantasy MMO to Switch

After more than five years, Allods Team's sci-fi fantasy MMO has come to Nintendo Switch. We talk to Producer Alexandra Myalik about Skyforge.


Last year, Skyforge celebrated its fifth anniversary. The free-to-play MMORPG was created by developer Allods Team, in conjunction with Obsidian Entertainment, and took the genre to a new sci-fi fantasy setting. What new frontiers can Skyforge explore in the future? The existing PC and console user base can look forward to that in the months ahead, but now they'll be joined by thousands of Nintendo Switch users. Skyforge recently released on the Switch and will bring along five years of compelling story, exciting sci-fi worlds, and action-filled gameplay.

To learn more about Skyforge's journey to Switch, Shacknews spoke with Producer Alexandra Myalik from Allods Team. We spoke about the jump to Switch, what makes Skyforge such an ideal fit for Nintendo's console, and what Skyforge players can expect next.

Shacknews: When did the team first express interest in bringing Skyforge to Switch?

Alexandra Myalik, Producer: After the success of our Skyforge launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we received such a positive response from the console gaming community that we decided that it would be great to expand upon that. The Nintendo Switch was the obvious next choice as it has such a large and passionate community.

Shacknews: What makes the Switch an ideal home for Skyforge?

Myalik: Skyforge and the Nintendo Switch complement each other rather well. Skyforge's rich lore and exciting storyline provides the perfect title for Switch owners craving an in-depth MMO experience on the device. The Switch's pick-up and-play nature makes it easy for owners to jump in and grind to increase prestige in preparation for larger campaigns with friends.

Shacknews: Skyforge has been around for a long time, so if you're a Switch owner trying the game for the first time, how does the game help them catch up with the rest of the veteran player base?

Myalik: It's true that Skyforge has been around for a while now, but Switch owners shouldn't worry! The Switch version provides a fresh start for everyone and there are multiple in-game systems designed to provide guidance to players as they navigate the planet of Aelion. 4. There may be people who explored Skyforge in the early days, but haven't logged into their characters in a while. For those players who have been away, what exciting new features can they expect to find in the game today?

It really depends on how long they have been away, but we've made a ton of updates over the years. For one, we're regularly adding new classes to the game, and the latest additions were absolutely epic - Grovewalker, Soundweaver, Firestarter are all available on Switch. We've expanded the rewards that can be earned by playing through Invasions with the addition of the Invasion Pass that unlocks free rewards for playing. We've also added Nightmare challenges for our more hardcore players to test their skills. So there should be more than enough new content for veterans looking to experience the game on Switch.

Shacknews: Where is the Skyforge story right now?

Myalik: Over the last years, Immortals started to discover the worlds beyond Aelion. Recent investigations brought them to the mysterious and dangerous planet Terra, inhabited by hostile creatures and covered with the remnants of an advanced civilization. Currently, they are exploring Terra to find out more about its past and unveil dark secrets lying under the surface of the planet.

Shacknews: What seasonal events can players look forward to over the next month or two?

Myalik: Actually, players will not have to wait too long as our first Invasion event for the Switch begins this week with the Mechanoid Invasion! A legion of sentient robots who hail from the neighbouring planet Terra will invade and players will need to team up to defend the planet. The event will bring our first Switch raid content and group boss battle. We have a good amount of other events in the pipeline, but we'll share that later.

Shacknews: With Skyforge on so many platforms, is cross-platform play on the team's radar?

Myalik: That's an interesting idea, but currently we have no plans for that. All platforms are on different stages of gear progression, so it would be difficult to bring them together without negatively affecting the game's balance.

Shacknews: Lastly, what's next for the Skyforge team?

Myalik: We're currently working on major updates for all versions and we're very excited to bring more lore and gameplay content to Switch to expand the universe. We have great plans for this year and a lot of surprises to come!

Skyforge is available now on Nintendo Switch, as well as on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is free to play on all platforms.

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