How to unlock Elevators in Dubai - Hitman 3

Learn how to open the elevator doors in the Dubai location in Hitman 3.


Hitman 3 introduced new ways for players to get around levels, allowing them to unlock persistent shortcuts that make traversal much easier and quicker. In Dubai, the first location in Hitman 3, players can unlock the elevators, allowing them to gain access to the higher floors much faster.

How to unlock Elevators in Dubai - Hitman 3

The easiest way to unlock the elevators in Dubai is to follow along with the How the Mighty Fall mission story. This series of objectives will take you to the Server Room on the third floor, which you need to access in order to open the elevator doors. If you’d prefer a more straightforward way to do things, though, we’ll walk you through one of the quickest ways to get there.

Starting from the Atrium entrance point, head up the stairs and to the left. Continue past the first bar and make your way around to the second lounge area. Duck behind the counter (careful to avoid the worker here) and into the staff door on the left.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - staff room
Crouch behind this counter and enter the door on the left.

There’s a worker in here, so try to hide behind some of the items in the room before he turns and walks past. Once he is out of your way, head through the white double doors and then into the room marked laundry.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - avoid this guy
Avoid the supervisor by hiding behind these barrels.

Subdue the person inside and craft their disguise to help lower the suspicion that you garner. While this particular person is Event Staff, the game can sometimes bug and give you an Event Security uniform. Either one works.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - grab a disguise
Grab the uniform off the worker in the laundry room.

Head out of the laundry room and make your way into the backstage area of the art exhibit. From here, locate the stairs and head up. You should see the tech worker in front of several lighting and sound boards. There’s a part of the trestle nearby that you can climb over to reach another catwalk.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - head to the left
Head left when you spot the tech worker overlooking the art exhibit.

Now, you should be able to reach the third level by climbing up a railed opening that will put you directly outside a storage room that leads into the Server Room. There’s a guard to the right, though, so wait for him to move out of line of sight and then climb up, head into the room, and subdue the Maintenance worker.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - climb up the railing here and enter the storage room
Climb up the railing here and enter the storage room.

You can now roam around this area a bit more freely. Grab the hammer from this room and then move into the Server Room and then out through the door that leads to the Maintenance Corridor.

Move past the woman talking on the phone and wait for the tech worker at the corner to move out of her sight. Use the hammer to knock him out quickly from afar, then run up and grab the keycard that he drops. Be sure to hide his body.

how to unlock elevators - hitman 3 - hammer this guy to get keycard
Knock this guy out and steal his keycard to get admin access in the server room.

With the keycard in hand, head back to the Server Room. Swipe the keycard and it will unlock admin access. Now you need to sabotage the server with the yellow text on its screen. Once this is done, you’ll have access to the terminal itself.

open elevator doors - hitman 3
Select Open Elevator Doors to unlock them for future runs.

Log into the terminal and select the Open Elevator Doors and boom, you’ll have completely unlocked the elevators. Now you just need to finish the mission out to save your progress and keep them unlocked in the future. While you're here, you might as well learn how to complete the Mile High Drop challenge, too.

Now that you’ve unlocked the elevators, head back over to our Hitman 3 guides for more useful information and content.    

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