How to acquire administrator privileges in Dubai - Hitman 3

Learn how to hack into the server and acquire administrator privileges in Hitman 3's Dubai location.


Hitman 3 is finally here, bringing Agent 47’s latest journey to a climactic end. All of the locations are available right from the start this time and players jumping in will find that the Dubai location offers quite a few ways to take out the targets that 47 and his allies are after. In this guide, we’ll specifically discuss how to acquire administrator rights inside of the server room, which is required to set up a meeting with the two targets so you can take them out.

How to acquire administrator rights in Dubai – Hitman 3

how to acquire administrator rights in Dubai - hitman 3
Getting administrator rights in the server room in Dubai can be a bit tricky.

This objective is one that players will run into when completing the Story Mission for How Mighty They Fall, one of many opportunities players will have to make use of during their assassinations. Once you enter the server room, you’ll be tasked with breaking into a locked terminal. After setting off an alarm the first time, your ally advises you to find a keycard to access the system.

To find the keycard, head out of the single door that reads Maintenance. Outside you’ll find yourself in a hallway that overlooks the floors below. Watch out for the worker nearby, as they can see through your disguise. Sneak past them and approach the male mechanical worker at the corner.

get administrator privileges - hitman 3
This worker has the keycard you need for the server room

Wait for the worker to go back around the corner and then subdue him or grab his keycard from his belt.

Now that you have the keycard, head back to the server room. Once here, use the keycard then you’ll need to acquire administrator privileges. While you are given a small hint—to look for anything that looks different in the room—the solution isn’t extremely evident. So, what you need to do is look for the server screen around the main terminal that now has yellow text.

How to acquire administrator privileges - hitman 3
Pull the server from the rack with the yellow text on its monitor to gain administrator access.

Once you have found that particular screen, approach the rack and pull the server from it to gain access to the terminal. Now you can set up a meeting, disable the cameras, and take advantage of some other options on the terminal.

With administrator privileges obtained, you can now head back over to our Hitman 3 page for even more useful information and content, like our guide on how to import levels from Hitman 1 and 2 into Hitman 3.

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