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First footfall allows players to claim discovered planets in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Throughout Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's galaxy, the first player to put their foot down on the surface of a planet will have their name etched in that planet's history.


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is set to bring a lot of cool things to the spacefaring galactic exploration, job, and combat sim. For the first time ever, players will be able to get out of their vehicles on hospitable planets and explore the world’s surface on foot. Coming with it is an all new mechanic for Odyssey: first footfall recognition. The first player to put feet on a planet’s surface will be immortalized for the accomplishment permanently.

Frontier Developments went into the details of first footfall in a Q&A forum post on February 5, 2021. According to Frontier Community Manager Stephen Benedetti, first footfall happens a player is the absolute first out of any to reach a planet and take the first steps on its surface. If the planet was previously untouched by grubby little space feet, then that player’s name will be attributed to the “first footfall” recognition of the planet, seeable by other players if they also visit said planet.

With first footfall in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the first footsteps of any player on a planet for the very first time will be immortalized for all to see.
With first footfall in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the first footsteps of any player on a planet for the very first time will be immortalized for all to see.

Humorously, Frontier Developments also addressed the matter of co-op play. A planet’s first footfall cannot be claimed by two players. That means you and your buds are going to have to decide who gets to be immortalized on that particular world.

“In the same way that Buzz Aldrin made way for Neil Armstrong to be the first man on the moon, the control to disembark is for an individual commander and there will always be someone first down the ladder. This accolade will not be shared between commanders,” Benedetti wrote.

Other details include the fact that not every planet can have first footfall because players cannot disembark on every planet. The planet must be safe enough to traverse on foot. Also, planets with narrative relevance to Elite Dangerous will already have their first footfall filled out by historical Elite Dangerous characters.

Nonetheless, it’s a cool way to provide accolades to player in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s vast galaxy, as well see where other players have been and leave your mark as well. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey may have been delayed due to COVID-19, but the game is shaping up to be an exciting offering to the space sim genre with every detail and reveal. Stay tuned for more and prepare to lay your claim to planetary discovery when the game launches in Spring 2021 on PC and later on consoles.

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