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Maskmaker takes players into a VR world of magic masks & adventure in April 2021

From the minds behind A Fisherman's Tale comes a new VR adventure about creating and painting magical masks that will transport players to vastly different worlds.


There are centuries of history behind the creation of masks, whether it’s hiding in plain sight or becoming something altogether new. Masks have always had a touch of magic and imagination to them, but upcoming VR game Maskmaker aims to take this concept and make it into an entire creative adventure. Developer Innerspace released an all-new trailer for the game and we got an early look at what Maskmaker has in store for us when it launches on VR platforms in April 2021.

Maskmaker is a VR game from developer Innerspace, the studio behind the popular title A Fisherman’s Tale. First revealed in mid 2020, Maskmaker sees players brought to a mysterious workshop by a being known as Prospero, “leader” of the mask realm, as his new potential apprentice. By wielding the magic of masks, you can wear them to enter into different worlds through the bodies of various mask guardians. By observing their masks and discovering crafting materials in each environment, you can return to the workshop with the means to create new and stronger masks to continue your journeys.

Published by MWM Interactive, Maskmaker is set to launch on April 20, 2021 on Oculus Rift S, Quest and Quest 2 (via Link cable), PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and PC VR via SteamVR. The game can be wishlisted on its Steam page now. Some of the most interesting things I saw when I got an early peek at Maskmaker were how you get an idea of new masks by seeing them in different parts of Maskmaker’s environments, collect hidden resources, and bringing them back to your workshop to create masks with new powers. Each mask has a series that brings you to a certain biome and each mask in the series allows you to explore that biome from a unique perspective.

The game is mostly puzzles and narrative in its design, based around crafting in the workshop and exploring, collecting, and solving environmental puzzles. From what I could tell, there’s an immersive design element in putting masks together with paint and trinkets in the workshop, connecting feathers, branches, and other components to your mask to make it complete. Out in the wild, there are also plenty of opportunities to explore and use tools to either move forward or open different opportunities in the environment or back in the workshop. You might see a mask design somewhere in the biome that has a feather feature on it, so you’ll need to collect a feather, which you can find by searching for a bird nest hanging unnervingly over the edge of a frosty cliff. Just as well, the early look showed off some cool environments, such as a swampy bog, a coastal inlet, and frosty mountain with a solitary settlement built into it.

By using different masks, you can enter different environments containing all sorts of secrets, including resources for more powerful masks.
By using different masks, you can enter different environments containing all sorts of secrets, including resources for more powerful masks.

Maskmaker looks like it will tickle the mind and immerse players in a uniquely magical narrative of creativity and puzzle solving. We can look forward to seeing more as we get closer to the game’s launch date in late April, so stay tuned for more coverage, here at Shacknews.

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