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Riot issues 12-month ban to Valorant pro NisaY for cheating

NisaY has also reportedly been dropped from pro team Besiktas Esports in the aftermath of the ban.


Riot Games is presumably sticking to its plan to keep Valorant free from cheaters that ruin the experience for normal players. This commitment extends all the way to players of the highest level as it has been reported that Riot has issued a 12-month ban to former CS:GO and current Valorant pro NisaY for cheating in a ranked match,

The news was broken on Twitter by the Walter Cronkite of esports, Rod “Slasher” Breslau. This development follows recent activity by Riot Games and Bungie to curb cheating in their games. The companies went after the source last month when filing suit against the authors of cheating software.

In the hours following the ban, NisaY publicly cried foul, insisting the ban was the result of community pressure, rather than evidence of cheating. NisaY had previously reached the top spot on the Valorant EU leaderboards. Such positioning is always likely to draw out the haters, but if cheating was how the position was gained, then the community discontent is more than warranted.

If there was definitive evidence of cheating, a 12-month ban seems incredibly light, especially if Riot intends for the news of this action to deter other cheaters. That would be an argument for another day, though.

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