Riot Games & Bungie team for legal action against Valorant & Destiny 2 cheat creators

The developers of Valorant and Destiny 2 filed a joint complaint in California against a cheat software creator that produced hacks for both games.


Cheating is a problem that’s notoriously difficult to eliminate in online gaming. No matter how strong (or invasive) a game’s anti-cheat hardware, hackers have shown the tenacity to overcome the security of any given game and give less-than-honorable players ways to win by any means necessary. That includes games like Valorant and Destiny 2, but respective developers Riot Games and Bungie are striking back when it comes to at least one cheat designer for their games. The two developers have filed a lawsuit against a cheat software creator.

Riot Games and Bungie apparently filed their joint complaint to the United States Central District Court of California on January 8, 2021. The lawsuit is directed at one Cameron Santos of GatorCheats among several others for allegedly Cameron Santos of GatorCheats trafficking “a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks.” Access to the supposed cheats is sold for anywhere from $90 to $500 a month and allow users to utilize hacks such as aimbots that automatically guide aim to enemy targets in game.

The joint lawsuit by Bungie and Riot Games is apparently not the first time Bungie has come to legal action with GatorCheats in regards to Destiny 2.
The joint lawsuit by Bungie and Riot Games is apparently not the first time Bungie has come to legal action with GatorCheats in regards to Destiny 2, with the former having previously filed a cease-and-desist.

Previously, Bungie had apparently issued a cease-and-desist to GatorCheats, which claimed it would cease sale of further cheating access, but still support the program for previous purchasers. However, the lawsuit claims access to these cheats is still sold via private pages of the GatorCheats website. With that in mind, Riot and Bungie allege that “millions of dollars” in damages have been done and they are looking to the courts to shut down GaterCheats operations entirely for breach of contracts in both games.

Valorant in particular has seemingly been a tough nut to crack as the game utilizes user-end anti-cheat software that even goes so far as to access registry - a matter which many players found to be problematic. Regardless, it seems as though if there is a way to cheat, opportunistic people will find it. Stay tuned as we continue to follow Bungie and Riot Games’ lawsuit against GatorCheats for further developments and information.

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