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How to enter Fractured Shrines & Undying Shores in Dead Cells: Fatal Falls

Much of the new content in Dead Cells' new Fatal Fall DLC is intertwined with existing content. Here's how to enter Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores during your playthroughs.


We can’t say enough about how delightful it is to spend time playing Dead Cells. As one of Shacknews’ Top Ten Games of 2018 (and my personal #1), it remains a must-play. Existing fans and owners of the game have lots to be excited about as developer Motion Twin has continually provided post-launch support, including the recent release of the Fatal Falls DLC.

The premiere attraction of Fatal Falls is undoubtedly the two new biomes that players may find themselves pushing through during their runs. These new biomes, Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores, are slipstreamed into the existing game progression and must be conquered if players have aspirations of doing battle with Scarecrow, the new boss that is included with Fatal Falls. As anyone with experience with the branching paths of Dead Cells may know, accessing all the available biomes in the game requires some planning and equipment, as opposed to speeding through to the Hand of the King as fast as possible. We have prepared this guide to help players enter and progress through the new biomes.

How to enter Fractured Shrines & Undying Shores

The arrangement of biomes in Dead Cells can become rather convoluted.

Fractured Shrines can be entered from either the Black Bridge or The Nest boss encounters. Clearing Fractured Shrines will lead players into the Clock Tower, though there will be a second exit into Undying Shores that is guarded by a pair of cultist statues holding polearms. The only way to gain entry into this passage is by wearing a cultist outfit. 

There are two ways players can accomplish this: by finding the Cultist Outfit Blueprint, turning it in, and then buying it from the Collector (the same process used with all other blueprints) during a subsequent playthrough or by taking the robes from a dead cultist inside Fractured Shrines. 

There is a mechanic allowing players to possess dead bodies through the use of the Homunculus Rune. This rune is obtained by defeating the Hand of the King and gives players the option to pop off their heads by pressing in on the right stick. Somewhere in Fractured Shrines is a dead cultist corpse. Pop off your head and take over the cultist. This will trigger a short cutscene and then you will be wearing the outfit needed to pass through the door to Undying Shores. Once this door has been opened, it will remain accessible in subsequent playthroughs.

Now that you have access to both of the new biomes in Fatal Falls, you have even more paths to the Throne Room. Keep it tuned to Shacknews for more Dead Cells coverage and all the latest news on a variety of other great games.

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