Star Trek Online concludes the Klingon War with House Reborn

Star Trek Online celebrates 11 years by wrapping up the Klingon Civil War with House Reborn.


Star Trek Online has been in the middle of a great Klingon War, one that has had players stepping back and rethinking how they look at the Klingon Defense Force faction. The Klingon War is now set to come to an end and there's no better way to end it than with the new House Reborn storyline, which ushers in Star Trek Online's 11th anniversary.

When Star Trek Online players last left the Klingons, the whole Klingon Empire had been splintered by the events of House Shattered. This leads into the new "Knowledge of Power" episode, where J'Ula (of Star Trek: Discovery fame) ventures to the sacred planet of Boreth in search of outcast Tenavik. Also introduced in Discovery, Tenavik (voiced by Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Sam Witwer) guides J'Ula on a path to enlightenment. That leads into the "Leap of Faith" episode, where she'll have to journey straight through the Klingon underworld of Gre'thor in search of Klingon warrior L'Rell.

As one might imagine, House Reborn is all about the Klingons and that extends to Star Trek Online's various systems as a whole. Anyone who starts an STO campaign with a new Klingon Captain will now receive a handful of new rewards. Plus, they'll find a remastered tutorial, as well as a series of updated Klingon missions. These updates include revamped environments, as well as fresh cutscenes and voiceovers from some of Star Trek's most esteemed Klingon actors, like Michal Dorn and Shannon Cochran.

The Klingon Civil War will extend to the galaxy abroad throughout the STO 11th anniversary event. Expect to find various episodes, patrols, and more. If you're not a Klingon Captain, that's okay. For the first time, Federation Captains will have the ability to command Klingon ships and vice versa. Although to unlock that feature, you'll need to hit Level 65 with a Klingon character first.

The Star Trek 11th anniversary celebration with the House Reborn event is now underway on PC. If you log in right now, you'll get a special uniform from Star Trek: Discovery. Look for House Reborn to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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