Shackstream: Skankcore64 Episode 31 - Bombering on the 64

Today at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET on Shacknews Twitch, the biggest Bomberman 64 stream in the universe and our gold card charity challenge!


It's conference championship week for the NFL, but if American Football isn't quite your cup of tea, pop a kettle on and join us for more Bomberman 64! The quest to finish all North American games released for the N64 continues today at 2 p.m PT/5 p.m. ET!

Episode 31 - Bombering on the 64

This past Wednesday night (or Thursday if you live in the future like our Guide Editor, Sam Chandler) found myself completing the Red Mountain in Bomberman 64. It was quite a bump in difficulty over the previous levels, the death and game over screens became quite familiar to me. That lava-filled mountain, or was it a volcano? There was quite a lot of lava for it to be called a mountain. But, I digress.

That lava-filled mountain was definitely a challenge but not impossible! Now that it's behind me, I can look forward to cooling down in the frosty summit of White Glacier. The charity challenge to collect Gold Cards is still in effect and I'm going to do my best to donate as many of our Dominus Ghaul dominator's dollars as I can! You can join the fun and chat live on the Shacknews Twitch channel, or keep this page up to enjoy through the embedded viewer.

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