Warframe's Operation: Orphix Venom is live now, offers free mech

The latest live event for the popular shooter offers players the chance to unlock the 45th Warframe.


As one of the most popular shooters of the last generation, Warframe was able to make the jump onto PS5 without skipping a beat. The latest event for the game, Operation: Orphix Venom, is now live on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In it, players have the opportunity to grab the new Warframe Lavos. The event runs all the way through February 22.

In this first-of-its-kind survival event, Tenno will stomp into 1-4 player action, accessing mechs for free, while battling against Sentient forces with only Mechs and Operators. Tenno will earn the 45th Warframe by playing Operation: Orphix Venom, harnessing Lavos’ experimental power to transmute the physical realm and combine Elements with Abilities to thwart the hordes.

Two extra rewards should make joining the event even easier. When players ‘gift’ Lavos to a friend, they will receive a free Lavos Orbiter decoration for their efforts. For players who join in the first three weeks, double Affinity will be awarded. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for new and established Tenno.

Players without a mech are also free to jump in and join the fun, but completion of the Cinematic Quest The War Within and access to the open-world expansion Heart of Deimos are required. For up to date news and coverage of all things Warframe, keep your browsers pointed to Shacknews.

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