Dubai Security Room safe code - Hitman 3

Learn how to get the Dubai Security Room safe code and acquire the Evacuation Card in Hitman 3.


As players make their way through Hitman 3, they’re bound to come across different safes and locked doors that require codes to unlock them. One such safe is found inside of the Level 2 Security Room in Dubai. In this guide, we’ll break down how to get the Dubai Security Room safe code, which unlocks access to the Evacuation Keycard.

Dubai Security Room safe code – Hitman 3

There are a number of ways to move around the hotel in Hitman 3’s Dubai location. For the purpose of this guide, however, we’ll be focusing on the easiest way to locate the Security Room safe and then acquire the Security Room safe code. This particular method requires that players have already acquired administrator privileges and opened the elevators using the terminal in the Server Room.

Dubai Security Room safe code - Hitman 3
The safe can be found inside of the Level 2 Security Room on the right side of the floor.

First, players will need to acquire an Event Security or Penthouse Security uniform. The Event Security Uniform is easiest to get and can be obtained by using an Event Staff uniform to gain access to a backstage area and then luring out a security guard—the NPCs dressed in white uniforms with blue belts. Knock out the security guard and steal his uniform to don it.

With the Event Security Guard now equipped, head up to Level 2 of the hotel to find that it has two rooms listed as security. The safe itself can be found inside of the Security Room on the right-hand side of the map. Approach the room and head inside. The first safe can be found in the back right-hand corner. Be careful to avoid the camera over the door when approaching it.

Dubai Security Room safe code - Hitman 3 - Maintenance Door
Unlock this door with your Event Security keys and you'll find an elevator shaft beyond that you can climb through.

Now, to acquire the Security Room safe code, head through the doors marked "Maintenance" directly under the camera in the Security Room. This will lead to an elevator shaft. Climb into the elevator shaft and use the pipe to the right to climb up to the third level.

Avoid the guard to the right and move along the left-hand wall. There’s another Security Room ahead with a guard sitting in a chair—he can be seen through a window on the left-hand wall or by using Agent 47’s Instinct. This is also the room where the second safe is located. Continue past that guard to find another waiting in a small hallway area outside of the room. Wait for this guard to pull out his phone and make a phone call. Listen in on the conversation to learn the code to the safe in the Security Room on Level 2 is 6927.

Dubai Security Room safe code - Hitman 3
Listen in on the guard's phone call to learn the safe code.

Now you need to acquire yourself a Penthouse Security uniform. The easiest way to do this is to wait for the guard who gave you the code to head inside of the Security Room on level 3. Once inside, head down the hallway and subdue the guard at the top of the stairs (you may have to wait for him to approach a machine nearby, which distracts him. Knock him out and drag the body into the nearby Maintenance room. Take out the worker inside to avoid any witnesses, then grab the Penthouse Security uniform and hide both bodies inside of the storage cabinet.

With this new uniform donned, head into the Security Room on level 3, careful to avoid the gaze of the guard in the chair. Grab the first Evacuation Card out of the safe using the code you learned earlier.

With the first card in hand, head back down to the Security Room and open the safe using the code to acquire the Evacuation Card. This card can now be used to activate alarms throughout the hotel, which will drive Agent 47’s targets out into the open.

With the Dubai Security Room safe code acquired, be sure to check out our guide on how to get the Dartmoor safe code. We also suggest checking out the rest of our Hitman 3 guides for even more useful info and help.

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