Dartmoor safe code - Hitman 3

Players will need the Dartmoor safe code in order to collect the case file in Hitman 3.


There are many secrets and shortcuts to be found in Hitman 3, though some locations like the Carlisle Manor in Dartmoor, England will require players to unlock some of those secrets as part of the mission objective. In this guide, we’ll break down how to get the Dartmoor safe code and where to find the safe so players can retrieve the case file on Arthur Edwards.

This article contains spoilers for one of Hitman 3’s primary objectives.

Dartmoor safe code

The Dartmoor safe can be found on the third floor of the Carlisle Manor, inside of Alexa Carlisle’s office. You can enter this location by completing the murder mystery or by taking on the appearance of one of the mansion’s bodyguards.

Once inside the office, look for the hard to miss button situated on the arm of the chair behind the desk. Approach and interact with it to reveal the safe just behind a painting to the left when looking at the wall behind the desk.

Dartmoor safe code - safe location - hitman 3
Press the button on Alexa's chair behind the desk to reveal the safe. A hint to the code is above it.

How to find the Dartmoor safe code

Approach the safe and take note of the four symbols showcased above it – a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. Use these clues to find the code.

The first piece of the code can be found by looking around the room for a clock that is standing on top of a table with a lamp next to it, near a picture of two people on horses. You should see a number on a plaque in front of the clock. Take note of it.

Dartmoor safe code - clock number - hitman 3

The second part of the code can be found on a plaque that is attached to the wall behind the telescope in the corner of the room. 

Dartmoor safe code - telescope number - hitman 3

To find the third number in the Dartmoor safe code approach the fireplace and look for a plaque above the flames. 

Dartmoor safe - fire number - hitman 3

Finally, the last piece of the code can be found by locating a moose head that is being showcased on the wall above one of the sets of double doors in the room. Approach the moose and look for a plaque on the wall above it to find this part of the code.

Dartmoor safe code - moose number - hitman 3

Put the numbers together and the code is revealed as 1975. Head over to the safe and input the code to unlock it and then grab the case file inside to complete this objective.

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