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Necrotic Grip Exotic gauntlets - Destiny 2

Necrotic Grip is a must-have Exotic for any Warlock looking to dominate the battlefield in Destiny 2.


Necrotic Grip is a brand new pair of Warlock Exotic gauntlets added to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light. These grotesque gloves are rather unique in that they function well with every subclass. For those that want to significantly improve their killing potential, farming for the Necrotic Grip should be a top priority.

Necrotic Grip

As far as Warlock Exotics go, Necrotic Grip is certainly up there as one of the best. These gloves are all about giving a Warlock’s melee a damage-over-time effect that spreads to other enemies. It’s incredibly useful at clearing out waves of adds and oppressive to fight against in Crucible.

Grasp of the Devourer

destiny 2 necrotic grip
Necrotic Grip's perk spreads poison to enemies after a melee hit. This makes is great for clearing groups of enemies or adding more damage to an opponent in Crucible.

Grasp of the Devourer is the Exotic armor perk for Necrotic Grip. As mentioned above, this perk is all about spreading poison among your enemies.

  • Damaging combatants with melee attacks corrupts them with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corrupting effect to nearby targets and restores melee energy.

Because Necrotic Grip doesn’t specify a subclass, it can be utilized well by just about every subclass and perk tree for the Warlock. However, there’s something to be said about the killing potential of the Shadebinder and top tree Dawnblade due to their long-range melees.

When to use Necrotic Grip

destiny 2 necrotic grip perk
When an enemy dies from the poison from Necrotic Grip, it spreads the poison to a nearby enemy. 

Necrotic Grip is great in just about every single situation. In PVE, its wave-clearing capacity is immediately evident. By slapping an enemy and killing it, the poison will spread to any nearby enemies, which then spreads again when they die. Situations where you might become overrun with combatants is now an opportunity to wipe the board. What’s more, the enemies appear to flinch on each tick of damage, causing them to stop shooting.

destiny 2 necrotic grip thorn
Getting kills with Thorn can proc Necrotic Grip's poison-spreading effect.

For those that have unlocked Thorn, Necrotic Grip is designed specifically to synergize with this poison-spewing weapon. Getting a kill with Thorn will proc Necrotic Grip’s perk, spreading poising without the need to land a melee hit. This combo is especially powerful in Crucible, where spreading poison from afar is certainly preferable to close-quarters combat.

How to get Necrotic Grip

Unlike other Exotic armor pieces that can only be unlocked by randomly acquiring an Exotic engram or purchasing from Xur, it’s actually possible to farm for Necrotic Grip. This is thanks to the new addition of Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These Lost Sectors have a chance to drop a specific piece of Exotic armor on different days. Look when the next gauntlet/arms day will take place and farm the Lost Sector repeatedly until you get it.

Necrotic Grip lore

"To gain power, you must sacrifice. Exos have known this long before the Guardians' rise." —Taeko-3

Project day 2. I just got my first look at Artifact H-349. It's heavier than expected. More than a few people questioned if we even should study something with such a… dire legacy, but if we can't understand our enemies' tools, then we leave ourselves vulnerable to them.


Project day 5. Ran our first test of the artifact's… let's call them "necrotic properties." We used cattle; they were large enough to survive the initial discharge. The results have been… upsetting.

No more animal testing.


Project day 30. Spectral analysis is back, and it's got nothing. The artifact doesn't operate like traditional Hive tech, which is our closest analogue. A cult of deranged fanatics can mass produce knockoffs, but we can't even tell you what it's made from.


Project day 31. We had an accidental discharge. Carro, lab tech over in 4B. Human, so… this is going to be it for him. We've got someone staying with him as the corruption spreads… At the very least, there's so much more to study now as we watch his unfortunate deterioration. He's been babbling since it hit his central nervous system, saying, "I'm reborn," or variations thereof. I think… he almost sounds happy.


Project day 39. The Vanguard forbade a postmortem, but a few of us couldn't stomach the idea of Carro's sacrifice being in vain. The results have been insightful. Off the record, I'm keeping a few tissue samples. It almost feels like having him around again.


Project day 41. We began the day with another moment of silence for our lost colleague. Too bad he's not around to appreciate it.


Project day 45. We kept thinking about H-349 as a destroyer. But it's more sophisticated than that. I mean, with a normal gun, it's just… boom. Done. H-349 on the other hand is deadly, not destructive. Much like a viper, its bite does not bring about instant death. Instead, its venom cajoles. It co-opts your beating heart into a death clock, ticking down your last moments. Your own pulse kills you.

Death may be slow and agonizing for its victim. But for the viper, time is an amenable trade for efficiency.


Project day 51. Yanniv has been crying. A lot lately. We must accept that tragedies happen; it's a hard lesson to learn.


Project day 65. Another accidental discharge today. We realized that Yor's little creation is hungry, so we fed it more. It certainly performs in exchange; the activity is intriguing after it feasts. I've been able to follow Yanniv's degradation with a more analytical mind than when we lost Carro. I have to say, the process is so elegant; the science involved almost seems poetic. It may be reproducible. Just imagine how much more I could've learned if the scanners were all active at the time.


Project day 77. Another accidental discharge. This time, I ensured the scanners were running beforehand.

— Audio logs of Warlock and researcher Jana-14, salvaged after evacuation

For those with the patience and skill to farm Legend & Master Lost Sectors, the Necrotic Grip is well worth the effort. The damage-over-time effect and the spread of poison makes this Warlock Exotic armor a top-tier choice for those playing both PVE and PVP. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more Exotic armor overviews and recommendations.

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