Warframe arrives on Epic Games Store with Unreal Tournament weapon skins bundle

Harkening back to their collaboration on Unreal Tournament 16 years ago, Digital Extremes has brought Warframe to the Epic Games Store with a bundle of iconic Unreal weapon skins.


It’s wild to imagine, but 16 long years ago, the folks at Digital Extremes worked together with Epic Games to create the first Unreal Tournament. They both went their own separate ways to fame with Digital Extremes focusing on the supremely popular free-to-play Warframe while Epic went on to launch hit after hit on the back of the Unreal Engine. Now, in 2020, they’re coming together again with Warframe finally arriving on the Epic Games Store. What’s more, to commemorate the occasion, Warframe is getting a bundle of weapon skins based on iconic armaments from Unreal Tournament, and it’s free for a limited time.

Digital Extremes and Epic Games Store announced their fantastic new collaboration during The Game Awards 2020 on December 10, 2020. With Warframe heading to the Epic Games Store, players will be able to sign in from December 10 up until December 24, 2020, just before midnight ET to download the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle, exclusive to the platform. It includes a Flak Cannon Skin for the Dragkoon, Rocket Launcher Skin for the Ogris, and Shock Rifle Skin for the Stahlta. It also includes each of the weapons to which the skins apply.

That’s not all either. Downloading the free Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle between December 11 and December 14 will receive double credit bonuses to help boost your currency in the game along. Warframe saw a massive jump to the PS5 with all sorts of upgrades to take advantage of the next-gen, but this latest effort takes Digital Extremes back to their humble roots in partnership with Epic Games.

“When we started working with Epic Games on Solar Winds and Epic Pinball, we had no clue they would lead to the collaborative decade of work that would blossom into the Epic’s Unreal franchise. With Unreal, we all helped create a great gaming experience together,” said James Schmalz, founder, and CEO of Digital Extremes. "Fast forward nearly two decades to our current success, Warframe, and it’s humbling to see a couple of those early weapons we created introduced into our universe. To see some of that collaboration happening again today is incredibly exciting.”

If you want to mix the nostalgia of one of the best classic arena shooters with the modern greatness that is Warframe, be sure to pick up the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle on the Epic Games Store for free while it’s available.

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