Polycade & Liquid Media Group interview: Bringing the arcade experience home

From retro games to modern titles, Polycade looks to offer players an arcade-like experience in the comfort of their own homes.


Before video games entered the home, there were these things called arcades. They had cabinets that people would line up at and feed quarters into in order to play games. For those gamers that get a bit nostalgic about the time of arcades, companies such as Polycade and Liquid Media Group are a godsend. These two companies provide players will an opportunity to bring the experience of an arcade into the home with their line of arcade cabinets. Greg Burke and Blake Morse had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Cruz of Liquid Media Group and Tyler Bushnell of Polycade all about these arcade cabinets. Check out the video below!

Speaking with Daniel Cruz and Tyler Bushnell, Greg and Blake were able to dive into the history of arcades and what the arcade cabinet consumer might look like. Bushnell touches on a few interesting points, specifically, that there exists a group of players that aren’t talked about a lot. These are gamers that still want to play, but maybe don’t have the time for the massive commitment games are demanding these days or don’t want the simpler mobile game experience. For them, being able to walk up to an arcade unit and play a few rounds is perfect.

And this is where Polycade sets itself aside from the competition. Polycade machines have a built-in PC, which means they not only run retro games but some of the modern games that work well in arcade format. This means the player is not limited to just one era of gaming. Not only that, but the cabinets provide a gaming experience without the need of a dedicated office space as they can be mounted to any wall.

There’s something incredibly appealing about being able to walk up to an arcade machine like the good ol’ days and play a mixture of retro and modern titles. Right now, the wall-mounted machine from Polycade features controls for two players while the larger arcade offers four controller inputs, enough for four players to gather around and have some fun.

If you like what you see, you can check out the Polycade site for a product line, including the Polycade wall-mounted unit. Be sure to stop by the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channel for even more fantastic developer interviews and game previews.

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