God of War's Kratos comes to Fortnite as a new skin

Fortnite layers can now don the look of the iconic Kratos from God of War as one of the battle royale's first Gaming Legends Series skins in the item shop.


Fortnite is no stranger to interesting crossovers, but this next one is a doozie. In the pantheon of gaming, one particularly cut figure has remained an icon of modern action hack n’ slash. We’re talking, of course, about Kratos from the God of Way series. And just after Marvel’s massive World Eater Galactus showed up for an all-new event and brought Fortnite into Chapter 2, Season 5, it looks like another god-tier appearance is happening as Kratos becomes available as a skin in Fortnite, alongside a curious new rarity called the Gaming Legends Series.

The Kratos skin in Fortnite was announced via the popular battle royale’s Twitter and website on December 3, 2020. As of December 3, a Kratos skin is now available in the Fortnite shops. It’s not just a skin either. There’s also a cosmetic pack in the form of the Oathbringer set, which comes with Kratos’ Guardian Shield as a glider, Leviathan Axe as a pickaxe (complete with a unique pickaxe emote), and the immortal severed head of Mimir as back bling.

As mentioned prior, Kratos comes on the back of an event featuring Marvel’s Galactus, the fallout of which opened up a portal known as the Zero Point and kicked off Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5. This particular era of Fornite sees hunters from all across different dimensions in its spotlight, including Disney and Star Wars’ popular Mandalorian as another new Fornite skin. With Mando and other hunters in the mix, Kratos also ups the ante in terms of notable figures in rotation this season, albeit as a premium skin.

Kratos also marks the appearance of a new rarity tier as his cosmetic Oathbringer set’s rarity is the first to be marked as Gaming Legends Series-tier goods. It also suggests that Kratos might not be the only gaming icon to be featured as a skin or other goods in Fornite in the near future.

It’s only speculation for now, but what’s concrete is that the God of War, Kratos has come into play in Fortnite and is available in the game’s Item Shop now. Be sure to stay tuned for further details on Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 and further Gaming Legend Series content.

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