Gaming headsets Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Nothing immerses you in a game quite like quality sound. Use our 2020 gaming headset guide to ensure you get the most bang for your buck this holiday season.


Many folks have been lucky enough to acquire one of the new next-gen consoles or maybe just got done building a new gaming PC this fall. A top-shelf gaming experience will not be complete unless you have a quality headset to get the most out of that new hardware, though. Lucky for you, your friends at Shacknews have assembled a collection of the best gaming headsets we got to play with this year. Immerse yourself in surround sound and communicate clearly with your gaming buddies using one of these outstanding options. You may also have loved ones who are into gaming. A quality headset makes the perfect holiday gift for the tech-inclined on your shopping list.

Gaming headsets Holiday Gift Guide 2020

DROP + Sennheiser PC38X 

If you are after the best possible sound quality for both gaming and music, the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X should be on your shortlist. Using the same drivers from Sennheiser’s much pricer GSP 600 headset, the PC38X offers a strong value. The open-back design allows for a wide soundstage and the package comes with a variety of cables and hookup options to pair with your gear. The yellow accents don’t look too bad, either.

DROP + Sennheiser PC37X

The original gaming headset collaboration from Sennheiser and drop has been a top performer for years and has sound quality that has no equal under $100. Featuring black styling and comfortable velour earpads, the PC37X is easy to wear for hours on end. The angled drivers, braided cable, and noise-canceling mic all punch above their price class.

EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602

In case it wasn’t apparent already, we love Sennheiser headsets here at Shacknews. The EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602 is available in both black and blue colorways and reeks of quality. The closed-back design blocks outside noise from interfering with your gaming and offers the ability for boosted bass if desired. It is fully compatible with PCs and all consoles with 3.5mm jacks, making it perfect for any situation. You can also read the review from our own Josh Hawkins where he gave the EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602 high marks.

SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless

If you are looking for a wireless USB gaming headset with great battery life that is ready to rock with the Xbox Series X/S and PC, the SteelSeries Arctis 7X could be the perfect option. While it is a perfect cosmetic match to Microsoft’s newest consoles, it also works perfectly with Nintendo Switch and Android devices thanks to its USB C interface. Shacknews editor Donovan Erskine took it for a spin a few months back and came away smitten with how long its battery provided clean sound.

1MORE Quad Driver in-ear headphones

If dabbling in a few rounds of Fortnite or PUBG Mobile on your phone is your cup of tea, these new in-ear headphones from 1MORE will ensure you get a gaming experience second to none. Featuring four unique drivers and three mini tweeters, these things produce crystal clear sound with any source. The inline microphone is great for communicating with teammates or making a quick call. The included accessories pack also comes with an assortment of foam tips to ensure the perfect fit in your ear.

Audeze LCD-1

If you value sound quality over all other considerations, the Audeze LCD-1 is one of the top choices of 2020. While its not technically a headset due to a lack of integrated microphone, it sounds so good that we can overlook it. Managing Editor Bill Lavoy gushed over the LCD-1 in his review earlier this year, saying that the “sound quality with these headphones is elite.” We expect planar magnetic drivers like the ones found in the LCD-1 to gain favor with consumers in the coming years.

Schiit Hel

Should you need a dedicated headphone amp for your gaming headset or enthusiast-class headphones, the Schiit Hel packs everything you need into a small, powerful package. While it debuted back in 2019, nothing has come since that managed to beat its combination of clean power and compatibility. Its large volume knob is easy to reach on your desk and the included microphone preamp is better than anything you’ll find in most gaming soundcards. An essential device for headphone fanatics who love to game and a perfect match for the Audeze LCD-1 above.

For more great gift ideas, make sure to browse the rest of our Holiday 2020 gift guides. For a more detailed overview of headphones and gaming headsets, check out our in-depth guide. We also have loads of other hardware reviews, impressions, and more covering the wide spectrum of gaming accessories. 

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