GSP 602 EPOS | Sennheiser headset review: Crystal clear comfort

The EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602 gaming headset brings all the comfort and features of the GSP 600 a brand-new look. Our review.


With a $219 price tag, justifying the purchase of a headset like the EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602 might be a bit difficult for many. Is the audio good? Does the mic provide a crisp enough sound for my friends and teammates to hear me clearly? Is it comfortable to wear for a long time? There are a lot of questions you need to answer when investing in a new piece of gear for your PC and thankfully the GSP 602 has pretty much all the answers. It features fantastic audio quality, a useable microphone that is attached to the headset, and a fairly comfortable headband. But is it worth that $200+ asking price? Well, that really all depends on what you're looking for in a gaming headset.

Quality Control

Sennheiser is a very well-known names in the audio game, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the latest headset from the company’s gaming lineup, now branded EPOS, is striking up so much conversation. As one of the premiere gaming headsets on the market right now – and with a price tag to prove it – the GSP 602 is an absolute treat to use.

The overall quality of the audio when using the GSP 602 is crisp, clear, and natural. The over-ear closed acoustic design of the ear cups furthers this quality by helping to drown out background noise and keep the gaming audio you’re trying to hear directed right against your ears. The high-end frequency response –10-30kHz – means you won’t have to worry about subpar quality out of these speakers.

The microphone is also on par with just about any other high end gaming headset’s microphone, so if you’re expecting to get the same level of quality from it as a standalone, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. I wasn’t particularly happy that I couldn’t remove the mic, as I had no plans on using it indefinitely, but being able to swing it up and away works well enough without adding a whole lot of weight to the headset itself.

The really important part of the GSP 602 is the natural audio crispness, though. This headset isn’t going to bombard you with lots of bass like some lower-end gaming headphones will, though. So, if you like super impactful explosions and the like, you’re probably not going to find them with this setup. Instead, the GSP 602 goes for a more natural level, which results in the audio that comes through sounding extremely clear. It was a joy to use the GSP 602 during my testing and I could easily see it becoming my go-to gaming headset in the future.

Comfort and Compatibility

When it comes to comfort, having a headset that rests on my head nicely without a bunch of extra weight is a must. I sit at my computer for a good 14-18 hours a day – depending on the time of the year – and most of that time I have a headset on to help drown out the noise around me. While the GSP 602 didn’t really cause any headaches, I did notice that the ear cups were a bit small for my ears. This led to the ends of my ears becoming a little sore after extended use.

It isn’t something that I noticed every single day, but the days that it did happen I could definitely feel it. The fact that I wear glasses could also play into how it fits on my head, so that’s another thing to take into account if you’re thinking about picking up this particular headset. As far as weight goes, though, the headset comes in at just 395g. That’s roughly .87 pounds, which means you are adding a little bit of pressure to the top of your head. Thankfully, the customizable band allows you to easily move the headset’s configuration around, which helps when you’re trying to find that perfect fit.

Overall, the GSP 602 is a comfortable headset. If you have larger ears or wear glasses, though, you might notice some pressure around the end of your ears. The 2.5m cable (1.2m for console and mobile) makes connecting to your PC easy and gives you plenty of wire to move around comfortably.

Built on reputation

Altogether, the GSP 602 is a pretty great package. Sure, there are a few issues if you wear glasses or have larger ears, but if you’re looking for a premium gaming headset and aren’t afraid to pay a premium price, the GSP 602 is a great contender, and it comes with the great reputation that Sennheiser has spent years building as a choice manufacturer in the audio business. If you aren’t looking to break the bank, though, I’d recommend trying out a lower-end model from the EPOS line, or even checking out some of the different headsets that others have to offer.

This review is based on a review unit provided by EPOS | Sennheiser. The GSP 602 is now available for purchase via the official site and third-party retailers.

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  • Clear and natural audio profile
  • Comfortable for long period of time
  • Plug and play with PC and consoles/mobile
  • Hefty price tag
  • Might be uncomfortable for people with glasses of larger ears
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