Overwatch accepts Symmetra's Restoration Challenge today

Overwatch's latest event is underway, as players look to take Symmetra's Restoration Challenge.


It's been a big week for Overwatch's Symmetra. Players got to learn more about her earlier in the week through a new short story put out by Blizzard and author Christie Golden. Now it's time to shine the spotlight on her as part of Overwatch's latest event, which is called Symmetra's Restoration Challenge. And that event kicks off today!

Symmetra's Restoration Challenge plays off of the theme of the Stone by Stone short story that released on Monday. As part of Symmetra's journey to do right by Zenyatta and the people of Roshani, she'll don the all-new Marammat Symmetra Epic Skin. Players can earn this by the end of their journey, as well as a handful of other cosmetics.

Starting today and all through the next two weeks, Overwatch players can pick up new cosmetics by racking up wins in either Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade mode. Three wins will unlock a new Player Icon. Six wins will unlock one new Spray. Lastly, nine wins will unlock the Marammat Symmetra Epic Skin. Those who want more unlockables can jump over to Twitch. Be sure to check out any of Twitch's Overwatch streamers who have Twitch Drops enabled. Watch them for two hours for one new Spray, four hours for two new Sprays, and six hours for three new Sprays. Players should also be on the lookout for some changes to Overwatch as a whole in the weeks ahead, including some changes to the queueing system and the replay system. These changes will go live on the Public Test Realm first.

Symmetra's Restoration Challenge begins today and will run through Monday, November 30. Pick your favorite version of the game and jump in, because it's happening across all platforms. You can learn more about Symmetra's Restoration Challenge on the Overwatch website. If you have a moment today, you can also learn more about Symmetra's backstory by checking out the full Stone by Stone short story.

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