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How to get Crystalline Tear - Godfall

Learn how to get Crystalline Tear, an item used to craft new Valorplates in Godfall.


As you play through Godfall, you’ll be able to craft different Valorplate sets, which basically act like characters. If you want to craft them all, then you’re going to need to gather resources like Crystalline Tear. This guide will show you how to get more Crystalline Tears.

How to get Crystalline Tears - Godfall

Crystalline Tears can be found throughout the water realm in Godfall. This is the second area that you’ll unlock and be able to explore as you make your way through the story. Unlike materials that drop from enemies, Crystalline Tears can be found in nodes called Motherlodes. These nodes are often easy to find and will appear all over the map, so it shouldn’t take much time for players to farm the resources that they need to craft different Valorplates.

How to get Crystalline Tear - Godfall
Crystalline Tears can be found in Motherlode nodes around the water realm.

Unlike Dragonsteel, which is used in weapon upgrades and enhancements, Crystalline Tear is only used to craft new Valorplate sets. Because of this, its use runs out a lot quicker than the other resources you might need to acquire. Since it isn’t available right at the start of the game, you’re going to need to play through 3-4 hours of other content before you can start gathering it.

You can also pick up Crystalline Tear from missions, though it isn’t nearly as easy to find in missions as it is by just exploring the world itself. Just check the description of each mission to find those that offer Crystalline Tear as a reward and then complete it to add it to your collection.

Now that you’ve got a grasp on how to get Crystalline Tear, you can check out our guide on how long to beat Godfall for a good look at the campaign’s length. You can also check out our Godfall topic for more useful information and content about the action RPG.

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