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How to get Dragonsteel - Godfall

Learn how to get Dragonsteel, an important resource used to upgrade items in Godfall.


Like any looter-shooter, players will find various pieces of gear and weapons that they can equip as they explore Godfall. If you want to make your gear as powerful as possible, though, you’re going to need to upgrade it using resources like Dragonsteel. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Dragonsteel, so you can enhance all your items.

How to get Dragonsteel

Unlike materials like Crystalline Tears, Dragonsteel can only be acquired by breaking down Epic or higher rarity gear. This means you’re going to want to run high-level missions like the Tower of Trials, or even Dreamstone sets in order to acquire Epic or higher level gear that you can break down without worry.

How to get dragonsteel - godfall
Dragonsteel is an important resource used in upgrading and enhancing items.

The amount of Dragonsteel you get from items varies, though you’ll usually acquire anywhere from 2-3 pieces for your troubles. Dragonsteel can be used to Enhance items, as well as to upgrade items to higher levels. Most weapons allow up to five upgrades, and you'll usually see Dragonsteel coming into play on the third upgrade. To make use of it, head to the Forge in the Seventh Sanctum main hub area after you’ve unlocked the Godsmith.

Here you’ll be able to select the items that you want to upgrade, enhance (basically raise its rarity level and power peak), or even salvage. Salvaging can be handy for cleaning out your inventory and gathering lower level resources like Sunsteel. You’ll also come across some of those same resources while exploring the world and defeating enemies. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any enemies or events in the world that reward you with Dragonsteel, so you’re going to need to gather up a lot of Epic or higher rarity items and start salvaging them. This can include Charms and other gear, too.

Now that you know how to get Dragonsteel, make sure you also check out our guide on how long to beat Godfall. For more help, be sure to head over to our Godfall topic.

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